Tuesday, June 1, 2010

photos from the weekend

A long weekend equals a lot of photos, so I will try to keep this quick!
Let's backtrack all the way to Friday, when Eric and I made pizza! I went with my regular of potatoes, kale and chickpeas, with some cashew cream.

And Eric went with his regular of marinara and cashew cream.

The pizza was great and it was the perfect pre-race fuel! We went to sleep pretty early since we had an early morning planned.

Saturday morning was all about the half marathon. Now that it is all over I can't wait to do another one! Atleast I have three planned for this fall!

We spent the rest of Saturday lounging around, and then finally got to work making dinner. The weather was perfect all weekend, so we busted out the grill.
We put on our best grillin' outfits...Eric went with a white tank top and some cut offs.

And I put on my Texas shirt and drank a PBR while supervising.

Kitta Marie supervised both of us.

We grilled a bunch of veggie burgers and some corn.

We cracked open our new bottle of beer.

And I was pretty excited to put my new glass to use!

We also tried another new beer, which was great.

I tried to stay up and hang with the cool kids, but I was exhausted Saturday night and just went to sleep.
But I was very excited to wake up Sunday morning with minimal pain in my legs. My right hamstring was sore, and my left knee, but I did some yoga and iced the knee and both of those made a big difference.
Our waffle maker is still going strong so Eric made waffles and tempeh bacon for breakfast.

My hunger was slightly out of control on Sunday so not very long after breakfast I was hungry again.
Eric, Juli, Adam and I all met up at The Belgian Cafe for some afternoon drinks and eats.
Eric ended up ordering the vegan wings.

We were having so much fun hanging out that we all went back to Juli's and put a table and chairs outside to enjoy the weather. Then we busted out battleship...boys vs. girls!

Even though the boys won Juli and I were still excited.

Chuck, on the other hand, was not excited and was trying very hard to bust through the glass to come hang out with us.

Juli continued being an awesome hostess and invited Eric and I to stay over for dinner. We were able to put together some sort of Mexican themed meal that was delicious.
While Eric and Juli cooked, Adam and I got to drinking.

We still keep it classy when drinking non-classy drinks.

We sat outside and ate by candlelight.

And eventually opened up a window for Chuck.

I was pretty happy to wake up Monday morning with no pain in my legs, and went out for a short recovery run. My legs felt heavy the first half mile, but after that they were fine!
Eric and I were going to an afternoon BBQ and wanted to bring a dish.
I prepped some pita dough.

And we shucked some edamame.
edamame hummus

We made edamame hummus, a first for us, and I think it turned out alright. It's not perfect, but it was a good start.
edamame hummus

We biked over to Lemon Hill in Fairmount Park to meet up with friends.
memorial day picnic

It was really hot, but you couldn't have asked for better weather.
memorial day picnic

Of course there was a tree climbing contest.
memorial day picnic

memorial day picnic

And there was a lot of good food.
memorial day picnic

You know how some people get baby fever? Well to put it lightly I have dog fever. Bad. I am already plotting how I am going to steal my parent's dog(s) when I go home in a few weeks.
memorial day picnic

After too much sun and fun Eric and I headed home, but stopped by Whole Foods. Does anyone here play foursquare, not the old school ball game, but the check-in game? Don't make fun of me...but if you use foursquare you can check-in at Whole Foods and get a small container of gelato or sorbet. I picked blood orange and it was good.

And done. That was a lot. As much fun as the weekend was, I ate and drank a lot and barely slept and feel terrible today. I can't wait to rest of all week because we have a BIG weekend next weekend. We have some pretty special people coming to visit!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had the perfect memorial day weekend! I just need to say how jealous I am that your cat just chills outside with you without peacing out - if I crack open the screen door shes hot at my heels!

Lauren said...

Haha. It's funny because my cats are spazzes in every single way, except that. They will both go outside and just chill in the backyard, and don't really leave it. I can leave them out for 8+ hours and they are still there just chilling.

Stephanie said...

Okay maybe Im a little dense, but what exactly is playing "foursquare at whole foods"? I led a very neglected childhoood and never had the opp to play foursquare (tiny violins play quietly in the back ground....hehe).

Bianca said...

Fun weekend! I love the toppings on your pizza, and I'm all about drinking cheap booze in fancy glassware.

I'm on foursquare too and I'm such a nerd about it. I check in everywhere. I've gotten a little obsessed with collecting mayorships.

BTW, I have to ask — what kind of wafflemaker do you use? I love how fluffy your waffles are. I have a crappy one from Walgreens and they're always thin.

Lauren said...

Stephanie - hah, ok so foursquare is sort of a social networking site where you check in (via your phone) at locations and get points & can become mayor of places. it sounds really dumb, and honestly is, but it's fun! i can't even figure out why i play...but i'll play for free sorbet!

Biana - yay! i love that you are on foursquare too! i'm a nerd too, i get so angry when people steal my mayorships.
my waffle maker is a Cuisinart 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker. i bought it through rue la la, one of those discount member shopping sites. so far i love it. it's really simple and the waffles never stick.

tastymoog said...

do you make your own pizza dough, or buy it? I get the trader joe's dough, usually (whole wheat).

i made veggie burgers this weekend, too!

Stephanie said...

That sounds sooo nerdy fun and being that im a giant nerd im hoping I can find (start) a Pittsburgh foursquare chapter. Definitely a perk to get free sorbet.

Eric said...

We make our own dough, don't think we've ever tried premade dough yet. How does it turn out?

tastymoog said...

premade dough is alright, but sometimes too dough-y for my taste. I like to break in half and make two smaller pizzas or veggie calzones. trader joes' is pretty good and inexpensive, they have an herb one that's pretty good... but I usually just stick to whole wheat.

Lauren said...

This is the recipe I use, but I usually do half whole wheat:

I will have to check out TJ's dough, I don't think I have ever seen it!