Monday, June 7, 2010

Photos from the Weekend

I mentioned last week that we had some pretty special people coming to visit this past weekend...Eric's parents!

They got in Friday afternoon and hung out with Eric while I was at work. After work we walked around our neighborhood, ate dinner, and watched the Flyers game.

Saturday morning Eric and I headed over to their hotel. The entire weekend called for thunderstorms, but we lucked out with nice weather.
We walked around Chinatown to take in the sights and sounds (and smells) of Philadelphia.

Then we headed to Reading Terminal Market to pick up some food. We found an awesome kitchen store that had every sort of gadget you would never need.
Case in point:

I was mesmerized by the wall of cookie cutters.

I was pretty excited when I saw a pickling stand in Reading Terminal Market. I settled on a hot honor of my friend Morgan.
You might not know this about me, but I am a hot pickle eating champion. Morgan and I used to take long breaks during our design class and eat hot pickles.

The pickle was delicious and I need to go back to buy a few more.

Eric's parents had other things to do that afternoon/evening, so Eric and I headed back to our neighborhood.
I really like the neighborhood we live in for the little things. Like coming across this while walking down the street.


Eric and I scarfed down lunch then headed over to Josh and Kelly's. It's not always fun and games with them, and they put Eric to work.

Luckily Eric did a good job at making a few cocktails for us to enjoy.

Philly Beer Week just started, so we set out to a bar in the neighborhood hoping to get a taste of the new Summer Love Ale, a craft beer from Victory Brewing Company and With Love Philadelphia, XOXO.
Sadly it wasn't released yet at this bar, so I settled on a different beer.

Later in the afternoon we walked over to our neighborhood park for some kind of festival that was going on.

We bought some vegan goodies at the park too. A snickerdoodle cookie, a cranberry cashew cookie, and a cinnamon bun. I am going to try to find out the name of the company, because this stuff was amazing!

After some park hanging Eric and I headed to El Camino Real, which used to be our main bingo joint. Sadly bingo has ended so we hadn't been in a while.

I tried to stay up till atleast 10pm, but I don't think I made it. Waking up early during the week is really throwing off my staying up with the cool kids schedule.
But Eric and I had a big Sunday planned, so getting good sleep was probably better than drinking more beer.
Eric's parents came over in the morning and we walked around the neighborhood some more. We walked by some gardens and I was really jealous of the kale in this garden.

After lunch we headed into center city for some sightseeing.
We started at City Hall

and worked our way over to Love Park

then to Rittenhouse to meet up with Emily, Eric's cousin. Emily brought her dog Samson, who was quite the character.

And after hanging out at Rittenhouse we continued walking to the Schuylkill River.

Took some lovely pictures of the family.

Then we headed back into center city for dinner. We decided on Monk's which has the most impressive beer list ever, and quite a few vegan options.

Eric took some pictures of the food, but sadly none came out. I ordered the vegan burger, Eric ordered the seitan meatballs and his mom ordered the seitan cheesesteak.

After eating Eric's parents dropped us back off at the hotel and they are now on their way back to Texas.
It was a lot of fun having them up here and I am glad they finally got to see our apartment and our neighborhood!


PhillyGirlRuns said...

Love the family pics -- I love having family come to visit bc it gives you an excuse to act like a tourist. If you guys are into craft beer, you should take the R5 out to Wayne sometime and check out Teresa's Next Door -- their list is even bigger than Monk's.

Lauren said...

Ooh sweet. I have never heard of that place, and I work in Wayne!
I just checked out their bottled beer list, wow, that's a lot of beer.

Bianca said...

Fun weekend with the parents! And seitan meatballs sound awesome. I'm so hungry right now.

kellywhitephillips said...

Thanks for the donuts! And I think those cookies are from North Port Fishington Cookie Factory and mas delicioso.

Hope you get to try the new beer soon!

lpal said...

I need them onion goggles but I don't think they would fit over my glasses.

When I went to monks, a mouse kept running around the front trying to my steal food crumbs, but I had two beers, so I did not care.

Also my parents dog ate my L bookmark. Can you give me a new one for the next gift giving holiday?

tastymoog said...

90+ degree = "nice weather"? hah... I haaated it! ahhh, I am a new englander, what can I say. :P looks like you guys had fun.

the gardens at liberty lands are cool, unfortunately I think there may be a waiting list for a plot.

Eric said...

yeah the seitan meatballs were delish and I rarely make polenta so it was a treat. Plus fantastic Belgium beers on tap. yes please!

No problem Kelly, hope they werent too stale hah.

Well 90 degrees wasnt the best but when the forecast called for thunderstorms all weekend I will take dry and hot any day of the week! Yah the gardens there are really nice... luckily we have a little land to garden for ourselves.