Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oddyssey Half Marathon

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to run my first half marathon, the Oddyssey Half Marathon.
When I was training for the Broad Street Run I came across this race and kind of figured why stop training after Broad Street? I already had plans to run a few halfs this fall, but figured this would be fun.

I lucked out when I found out two blogger friends were running it too, Leslie from AndHerLittleDogToo and Melissa from Miles for Markets.

oddyssey half marathon

The race also encouraged people to dress up.
oddyssey half marathon

This guy juggled the entire race, pretty crazy!
oddyssey half marathon

The race started a little late, but it was a small race of about 800 people so atleast the start wasn't too crowded.
We were able to get across the start line without any trouble and settle into a comfortable pace.
oddyssey half marathon

It was a lot of fun running with Leslie and Melissa. Talking definitely made the miles fly by.
oddyssey half marathon

But we ended up splitting off around mile 6. The next 7 miles felt so long and slow and were extremely challenging.
I hadn't run past 12 miles and I'm still trying to figure out long distances and pacing myself, this is all still so new to me!

oddyssey half marathon

The race went along the Schuylkill River and was an out and back.
oddyssey half marathon

A lot of baby ducks recently hatched and the moms were shuffling them across the road.
oddyssey half marathon

So although the race was challenging I was still holding strong until the last mile. We turned off West River Drive to head to the finish line and most of the last mile was uphill. WHY WOULD SOMEONE MAKE THE LAST MILE UPHILL?! This was challenging physically and mentally. I was so tired, felt like I was going to puke and was pretty sure one of my toenails was about to fall off.

oddyssey half marathon

Luckily Eric road up the hill next to me cheering me on, while I cursed the race director.
oddyssey half marathon

And then it was over!
We got pint glasses at the finish, which was really cool.

after the half marathon

after the half marathon

after the half marathon

after the half marathon

Eric was great to get up really early, and ride along the course and take so many photos!
number 1 spectator

And thanks Leslie and Melissa! I had a blast running with both of you and hopefully we can do some more runs together in the future.

I came home and got cleaned up then Eric and I went out for brunch. Food has never tasted so good.
Post Half Celebration

And I most definitely picked up a giant bottle of beer to pour in my new pint glass.
Post Half Celebration

Today I am feeling pretty good! My right hamstring is really tight, and although I didn't actually lose a toenail it is all black and blue and hurts pretty bad.


Melissa Cari @ Miles for Markets said...

Such a great recap! I love the photos! It was really so nice meeting you and Eric. Congrats again on your first race!!!

urban vegan said...

Make that 3 of your blogger friends, chica. I really love your account of the run. That hill crescendo at mile 13 was damn grueling, wasn't it?

I thought the race was pretty well organized given that this was the first time they've done the ODDysey in Philly

(And those goslings are just the sweetest, aren't they?)

I went home and was voraciously hungry. I ate every few hours...I guess my body was urging me to replace my glycogen reserves! I am *sore* today and am nursing a blood blister. Ouchie. But I'm definitely running the ING 1/2 marathon on Sept 19! How about you?

J. Phillips said...

Not sure how you do it, but it's pretty awesome that you can. Congrats on the race!

Eric - Nice 'stache!!!

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

Hey Lauren:
What kind of shoes do you wear to run? Most folks i talk to have been saying Nike Livestrong

Lauren said...

I've been running in Asics GEL-DS Trainer for the past few months, and before that I ran in New Balances. They seem to work pretty ok for me, and I need to buy a new pair soon.

Katie said...

Woohoo! Congratulations, Katie! So glad you had a blast running the race... that's the most important part, I think!

Take care of that tootsie... is it possible you're tying your laces too tightly?