Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just Another Monday

I wish I had a really cool Monday update, but the day was spent mostly at doctor's office. I do what I can while I am home.

I was able to meet up with my parent's lunch, at the restaurant right next door to my dad's office.


Lunch was quick, then we swung by my dad's office so I could do some work, aka print out my plane ticket.


Then it was on to the next doctor's appointment, where I think I found a new pair of glasses.

Later in the day I was able to meet up with my last friend still living in Lubbock, Simon. Unfortunately he won't be staying in Lubbock for long, which means next time I will probably be friendless.


Sorry vegans, but Simon asked that I showcase his bacon cheddar fries on the blog, and since he was kind enough to meet me for a drink, I obliged.


We met up at Skooners, a local bar, where I spent many, many Friday's (and Saturday's) in college. The catch? Giant schooners of beer. You can't go wrong (especially for $1.75).



After Skooners, I swung by to see my friend Allison. RANDOMLY, Allison was in town visiting family. Her and her husband live in Seattle, and they had a kid not too long ago...about 8 months. She is my first friend with a kid, and it's freakin' awesome.
Allison and I met in high school, and we shared a love of all thing German. She is really awesome, and one of the smartest people I know. A few years ago she was living in Germany with her husband Tim, and my mom and I just happened to be hanging out in Europe for a few weeks so we got to hang out a lot. I think that's when our friendship really solidified.
Anyways, I finally got to meet her and Finn, who is so lucky to have Tim and Allison as parent's.


I spent the rest of the evening at home, eating dinner, packing, and teaching my parent's how to foam roll. My dad is hoping to run a half marathon with me later this year and I am trying to keep him injury free.

And at this moment I am flying back to Philly! I can't wait to see Eric and the cats!


Amber Shea said...

Haha, if nothing else, the bacon cheddar fries remind me WHY I'm vegan! So glad that stuff doesn't appeal to me. Hope your flight was smooth!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

That would be great to run a 1/2 marathon with your dad! I would love to do this with one of my parents.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a good... and productive... trip home. :) What restaurant is next to your dad's office?? There are so many new restaurants in the LBK, it's ridiculous.

Mr. C running a half marathon with you?? That's AWESOME!!!!

Bianca said...

That is one giant glass of beer. If I lived in Lubbock, that would be my bar.

simon said...

It was good seeing you lauren, and yes we will run together in SA for the rock and roll marathon

Alex said...

Glad you had a good trip back home and managed to find things to eat... or at least drink!

Lauren said...

Sara - his office is next door to Gardski's!

Simon - sending you the half info in just a minute!

Katie said...

Your mom looks so much like you!