About Us

In the summer of 2009 Eric and Lauren joined forces and left their family and friends behind in Texas for a new life in Philadelphia.

This blog originally started as a way to keep in touch with others on our new adventure.  While we still try to keep it that way, we've recently started posting more about food and the things we cook and eat.

A little bit about us:

Eric and I met in April of 2006 on a drunken bike ride. We lost touch over the summer but started emailing each other again in the fall. I guess you could say we officially got together around Halloween of 2006.

We spent most of our relationship 5 hours apart, so when we decided to move to Philadelphia together not only would it be the first time living together, but also the first time we had lived in the same city! Talk about a big change.

In addition to photographing and talking about food, we like to photograph and talk about our two cats, Kitta Marie and Grissom.