Tuesday, March 30, 2010

photos from the weekend

Eric and I started off Saturday morning with the usual, tea, pancakes and hashbrowns.
I was drinking out of my Alamo mug, and later in the day my parents called to say they were on their way to San Antonio. Coincidence?!

saturday morning tea

saturday morning breakfast

Josh and Kelly weren't sick of us yet, and we had plans to meet up at the Piazza for the weekly farmer's market.

northern liberties

I know the weather wasn't as great as last weekends (or so we hear), but atleast it was sunny!

piazza farmer's market

We had heard rumors of a taco trunk, and patiently waited for it to arrive.

piazza farmer's market

piazza farmer's market

Eric and I ordered the edamame hummus...

piazza farmer's market

And the Southern BBQ and Indian Tikki Masala tacos.

piazza farmer's market

After the farmer's market we walked around the neighborhood for a while, checking out shops and the new beer store.

northern liberties

On our walk home Eric and I stopped in City Planter and I was mesmerized by the air plants. I'll probably go back this weekend to pick up one, or two.

air plants

I did purchase a parsley plant and a jade plant.

spring plants

Once we got home I prepped for the main mission of the weekend, my long run. The Broad Street Run is a little over a month away. I had 8 miles on the agenda, but I felt good on my run and ended up doing 8.5.


Later in the evening we went to Whole Foods and I bought these!

rice dream bites

They are as good as you would think. But it's been tough walking by the freezer and not popping a few in my mouth.

We stayed in Saturday night and watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. It's on Hulu, and I recommend you watch it.

We woke up Sunday morning and Eric wasn't sick of tacos quite yet. He prepped some Mexican style tacos for breakfast.

more tacos

Along with some hot chocolate.

saturday drink

I've been wanting to change something up in our apartment, and we are about to sign our lease again. So I am making Eric complete all the projects we have been thinking about the past (almost) year.
The people before us had shelving in this one nook of our apartment. They took it down when they moved, but left all the shelves/hardware.

assembling shelving

We haven't finished, but hopefully it will give us more storage.

While Eric built stuff, I got to work in the kitchen.

I had seen a recipe on The Kitchn for Vegan Chocolate Ginger Orange Cupcakes.

vegan chocolate ginger cupcakes

I am going to recommend that you DO NOT make this recipe. They aren't bad, but not really good. The icing was gross and I ended up just throwing it out.

vegan chocolate ginger cupcakes

But I am sure we will still manage to eat them.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Thoreau Restaurant

Eric and I did a lot this weekend, so we decided to break up our usual weekend post. We are starting with dinner Friday night.

Friday night we had plans to meet Josh and Kelly at Thoreau, a new-ish vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Philly.

The restaurant is located in an odd part of Philly, and it's not far from our apartment, but not exactly right around the corner either. Regardless, Eric and I were really excited because we were becoming bored with our usual restaurant choices.

Thoreau is BYOB, so we, well actually Josh and Kelly, brought some Fleur de Lehighs for us to drink.


This beer is good. Really good. And it might go down a little too easily.

We both ordered different appetizers to share.
Eric and I went with the Green Curry Summer Mango Rolls.


Despite getting it all over myself, these were delicious. I think I might even order this dish as my main course next time we go.

Josh and Kelly ordered the special, an avocado peanut taco.


Their appetizer did not disappoint, and we all agreed it should be added to Thoreau's regular menu.

So Josh and Kelly might be our food soulmates. We have gone out to dinner twice, and both times Kelly and I have ordered the same thing, and Eric and Josh have ordered the same thing.

Kelly and I ordered the Sanoma Sampler.


It's a lentil salad with pistachios, swiss chard, cucumber, corn, beets, and a lot more yumminess. Eric commented that this might be the craziest thing I have ever ordered at a restaurant.

Eric and Josh ordered the Green Curry Sheperd's Pie.


It had couscous, broccolini, beets, butternut and squash in green curry coconut broth, topped with white yam rosette.

The food was really good, and I like going to "nicer" restaurants where I don't have to just order sides. The restaurant is expensive, but you get a lot of food, and the fact it's BYOB is nice.

And I am going to enjoy my leftovers today for lunch, which will be delicious.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bingo bummer

getting back into the swing of things after our lil vacation, we made our way to el camino real for the usual bingo night.

bingo bummer

but last night was such a bummer! neither of us won.
maybe it's karma because we haven't used up any of the prizes we won?

atleast the chips and salsa were delicious.

bingo bummer

Monday, March 22, 2010

austin days 3 and 4

playing catch up because we got really busy/lazy to update the blog!

friday morning eric and i woke up and went to wheatsville for some food, because we were going on a picnic.

eric picked up the vegan frito pie, which we had heard really awesome things about.

frito pie

we met up with lindsay and rachel. rachel works at a grocery store and always gets really awesome free samples.

hippie food

some drinking in the park might have happened.


after eating we had a little photoshoot.


after the picnic we headed downtown for some craziness. ended up at the jackalope as usual and helldorados were consumed.





after jackalope we wandered around downtown for a while, but eric and i made it home fairly early.

hanging out on 6th

woke up saturday morning and it was FREEZING.
eric's parents drove down for the day, which was really nice of them.

eric and his parents

we had grand plans of returning to matt's el rancho.

matt's el rancho

later in the day we went downtown with the intention of finally seeing some bands play. walked around for a bit and headed to the mess with texas party.
ran into some familiar lubbock faces.

mess with texas

i don't know if it is awesome, or totally lame, but the only band we saw the complete set of was gwar.

mess with texas

after standing in the cold for a really long time we headed to the side bar.
we might have gotten a little crazy.

the side bar

the side bar

the side bar

the side bar

then we went back to my brother's and slept for about 2 hours before catching our plane back to philly.

eric ate this thai falafel wrap on the plane. i don't really know anything about it, so maybe one day he can tell you about this. i just slept the entire time.

thai falafel

thai falafel

to sum up sxsw:
texas weather is still has crazy as i remember it
if you are only going to see 1 band during a week long music festival, make it gwar
austin's vegan food is still pretty good
if you go to side bar, remember the drinks there are strong, VERY strong
oh, and if you are going to wander off, tell your friends were you going

Friday, March 19, 2010

austin day 2 cont.

well honestly we haven't seen any bands (ok we haven't been to a single show), but we have been hanging out with friends and family, and eating good food and drinking good beer, and that stuff is better than seeing bands in my opinion.

yesterday, after breakfast, eric, chase and i went on an excursion to buy topo chico.

topo chico

i was very impressed that you could buy them in cases!
we also purchased some beer, and couldn't get over how inexpensive it was.
i was pretty excited to try shiner 101.

shiner 101

we hung out for a bit at my brother's place.

hanging out at my brother's

and don't think you weren't going to get any cat pictures while we were away! this is zombie, my brother and jackie's cat.

zombie in a tree

everyone was getting hungry and we decided to head to matt's el rancho.

matt's el rancho

this is probably the only place, anywhere, that we make a point of eating at twice.

eric and i went with our usual order of matt's jr. potatoes. it's pretty simple, french fries, onion and jalapenos, but they do a soy sauce mixture on top that makes them amazing.

matt's el rancho

matt's el rancho

matt's el rancho

after lunch chase dropped us off at lindsay's, and i was excited to see her cats as well.



we headed downtown with every intention of seeing some bands.

walking down 6th street

but then we opted out and hung out at a bar and drank a $6 pitcher.
side bar

side bar

we had dinner plans at a byob, so lindsay took us to whip in, it sort of reminded me of the foodery in philly, but a lot larger.

whip in

i was pretty excited about dinner because rachel and lindsay had found a vegan friendly indian restaurant.


rachel and her out of focus boyfriend.

zach and rachel

we ordered vegan samoas.

new india

and the vegan platter, which had a little bit of a bunch of things.

new india

after dinner, rachel, zach, eric and i went back to bouldin creek coffeehouse.
i couldn't pass up another peanut butter chocolate cupcake.
bouldin creek coffeehouse

we played some intense games of uno and yahtzee.
bouldin creek coffeehouse

bouldin creek coffeehouse

and to end the night, rachel took us to some crazy bar with a lot of arcade games.

but they had a photobooth which was really exciting!