Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vegan Treats = Food Pron.

So I have the phone number of delivery guys for Vegan Treats (aka bad news). I'm not usually around for a pick up, but I was able to the other day. There was also a birthday so I figured what the heck. Any-who, do I really need a reason to buy desserts from Vegan Treats??!? The answer is no! So after almost a week we finished off the last of the treats tonight.

Verdict from this bounty = love the glazed sprinkle donuts, love the sticky buns with caramelized pecans, and of course the classic cinnamon buns. I'm glad we got them and I'm glad they're gone since its hard just to have one bite. Anyways on to the pron, enjoy.

Cinnamon bun to the left, sticky bun to the right.


Wow thought caramelized pecans are goooood!


Starting from the left top and going down. Red doughnut w/ sprinkles, chocolate w/ sprinkles. glazed w/ sprinkles, cookies and cream w/ cream filling.
From the right top down. Chocolate glazed w/ filling, jelly filled, coconut custard.



So the question is, do you call them sprinkles or jimmies or something else??!


tastymoog said...

they are JIMMIES! :)

you need to go to the italian market and get a donut pan (recommended to me by the north port fishington cookie factory dude). baked vegan donuts. zomg. yesss.

Katie said...

Sprinkles! And man, do they look tasty.

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

sprinkles!! (says the southerner)

Amber Shea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope you keep reading.
That sticky bun is just unreal. I can't wait to visit Philly someday, and will definitely hit up Vegan Treats while I'm there.
And I call 'em sprinkles :]

Lauren said...


Taylor said...

Sprinkles! Never heard anyone say Jimmies until I moved up to Pennsylvania.

tastymoog said...

(us new englanders say jimmies, but apparently it's a philly thing too. i did not know that.)

Ben said...


Did you get a Vegan Treats Racing discount?

Lou said...

Sprinkles! YUM. I want one of each.