Monday, August 31, 2009

bits of the weekend

wow, we actually had a fairly busy weekend.
friday night was low key. eric and i went out to dinner. the weather has been pretty rainy, so we had to get suited up in our rain gear.

Date Night

Date Night

we stopped by the foodery and picked up a bottle of beer for dinner.

Date Night

i love byob.

Date Night

and that was really it. we went to sleep early which was awesome.

saturday we went to wiz and d.marie's wedding! luckily it didn't really rain at all, but it was still pretty hot outside.

Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

adam and juli
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

me and eric
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

rachael and kevin
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

me and juli
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

eric and his friends
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

eric and ian
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

they just had a bunch of cupcakes instead of cake.
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

which ended up on a lot of people's faces.
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

and congrats to wiz and d.marie!
Wiz & D.Marie's Wedding

sunday morning we met rachael and kevin for brunch at silk city. the outdoor part was pretty cool and reminded us of spider house in austin.
Silk City

rachael ordered french toast scrapple. i took a photo of it since scrapple really isn't found outside of philadelphia. read about scrapple here. side note, eric and i actually found vrapple (vegan scrapple) which we have yet to try.
Scrapple French Toast

Scrapple French Toast

after brunch we decided to go to atlantic city and go to the beach! i had been wanting to go to atlantic city, and to the beach, so this accomplished both.
Atlantic City!

it is sort of like a mini-vegas.
Atlantic City!

Walking to the beach

The Boardwalk

the water wasn't too cold, which was nice. i lost my sunglasses though.
Atlantic City Shore

after swimming and hanging out for a while we went to the tropicana casino and played a few slots and ate some dinner. i successfully won 85 cents.

Friday, August 28, 2009

dessert of the week

we finally made it through the ice cream cake. and we are almost finished with the red velvet cupcakes. but i figured it was time for a new dessert.
i went back to an old favorite, carrot oatmeal cookies, from 101 Cookbooks .

carrot oatmeal cookies

these are great cookies to make for vegans because they are already egg-free. and there is no processed sugar. and they have carrots in them!

carrot oatmeal cookies

and they are easy to change/modify. the first time i made them i used almonds instead of walnuts and topped them with coconut. this time i added some sunflower seeds.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bits of the weekend

i don't have many photos from the weekend, but it was a fun one. eric took a half day on friday, which was really nice. he wanted to go to lunch, but wouldn't tell me where. we rode our bikes downtown and he surprised me by going to mi lah. mi lah's an all vegan restaurant we had both been wanting to try.

mi lah

the food was really good, and i really want to go back for their all you can eat brunch. after lunch we stopped by lush and h&m, where i successfully bought nothing, and eric successfully bought a pair of pants.

for dinner friday night we decided to make curly fries!

curly fry

check out how long this one was all straightened out.

curly fry

i really can't remember much else from the weekend, but the cats were definitely being cute.

griss griss

and i finally bought the babycakes cookbook and can't wait to start making stuff out of it.


Friday, August 21, 2009


woo! yesterday was eric's birthday! he finally turned 23!

eric's birthday

i'd say he ended up having a fairly low-key birthday, but we still have the weekend to celebrate. eric grilled some veggies for dinner and we had fajitas (with homemade tortillas!).
i ended up making the cake, and succeeded in making a vegan ice cream cake.

eric's birthday

eric's birthday

later on we ended up meeting some friends for a few drinks. eric is taking a half day at work today, and i fully intend on celebrating his birthday through the weekend!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


well i had my haircut today. and i cut bangs. i like them, they are just a little drastic, so it's going to take some getting use to. hopefully they grow out and the ends blend some more in the next few days.

Monday, August 17, 2009

bits of the weekend

i'd say we started the weekend off right because we went shopping. actually we just stopped in one store on our way back from UPS, but we did find some clothes.
eric ended up getting a jacket and a shirt, i got a cardigan. one day eric will be dressing like chuck day.


and then andy carr came over! and we went to el camino real because eric told us it was happy hour, except it wasn't.

andy carr

we spent almost all day saturday out in the suburbs of philly. we went to king of prussia mall because i wanted to try on these pants from j. crew that looked really cute. they weren't. shopping fail.

eric had found a raw foods restaurant nearby, so we stopped by there for lunch. it was really good, even though i just got a salad, which is usually raw already. definitely making a trip out there again, hopefully soon.

raw food lunch

eric got a sandwich made out of raw bread.

raw food lunch

we then stopped for some beer. um pennsylvania has crazy alcohol laws. like crazy crazy. i still get confused by it. if you want, you can read about it here.

buying beer

eric and i spent the rest of the day hanging out with his car friends. and i listened to them talk about cars for hours, and hours.

on sunday we went to whole foods and made foods. decided to try two new things for dinner. eric made baked eggplant. it was good. i've tried eggplant a few times and never really liked it, but this time it turned out alright.

slicing eggplant

baked eggplant

and i decided to make kale chips. they turned out excellent.

kale chips

and this is sort of backtracking, but last week i made red velvet cake. the icing turned out disgusting, but the cake was good. eric actually said it was my best dessert yet. but i've got something special planned for this week because eric's birthday is thursday!

after math of a red velvet cake

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bits of the weekend

i know it's already wednesday, but i completely forgot to post photos from our weekend!
as usual we went out to dinner friday night. we went to honey's sit 'n' eat, which i had been to with my mom and brother, but eric hadn't been there.

date night

later on in the night we went to hang out on the art museum steps. it was fun till the cops made us leave.

downtown philly

saturday morning eric found some bikes on craigslist he wanted to check out. we've wanted to get some cruiser bikes to use for the grocery store and for other people to use when they come visit. and we found some! and got a good deal! and now we have about 9 bikes. and no where to put any of them!

new/old bikes

saturday night we decided to copy chase and jackie and have our first attempt at grilling pizzas.

grilling pizza

they turned out well, we just had gigantic ones.

grilled pizza

also attempted a calzone which turned out quite nicely. i'd love to make a bunch of these and just reheat them during the week for lunches.

calzone thing

and no photos from sunday because we didn't even leave the apartment.