Friday, June 4, 2010

A year already?

So its been a year since we started this and its come quite a long way. I figured I would throw up some pictures along the way, give a sum up of what we've done along the way.

We finally found ourselves a place to live.

northern liberties

The kitties became accustom to the new place.

lazy sunday

lauren made me a ice cream cake for my birthday.

eric's birthday

Started making food and lots of it.


Some staples.


no knead

Some new to us.
brussel sprouts

Got in the spirits during October.

pumpkin farm

Used some pumpkin to make these bad boys too!

pumpkin oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Bought a little car that I rarely drive :)


Then started getting more raw.

we started using the juicer again

Started using the dehydrator for macaroons.

macaroons, finished!

Carrot falafel.

carrot falafel

Corn fritters.

corn fritters

Made a plethora of pizzas along the way, still waiting to pick up some Diaya though...

pizza night

Lauren and Juli had their super sweet sixteen parties.

super sweet sixteen birthday party

Random breakfasts

heart pancakes

Cashew cream took over our lives.

twice baked potatoes with cashew cream

Friendly faces visited.

joel and eric



Laurens 1st REAL winter.



riding along spring garden

Cat, cats, and more cats.


a rare sight

ms. white

Got some veggie burger recipes going.

veggie burger

Rocked some bingo.

bingo bummer

Got in the Philly spirit.


after the game

phillies game

Made plenty of cookies.

vegan samoas

Did some traveling to see friends.

and to get dessert.


Saw some random cuteness.


A few bike stories here and there.


Started a garden.


Lauren became a legit/accomplished runner.

Broad Street Run

oddyssey half marathon

Had some summertime fun and hopefully more to come.

memorial day picnic

Not sure whats all next but we have a few new ideas for the blog. Hopefully actually posting recipes we make... thats big on the list. Other than that it will be more photos, more food, more of us, more cats (of course), and more randomness. And thanks for all the comments along the way.



Ben said...

happy blogiversary!

juliannalose said...

happy birthday blog!!!! woo you're only 1 once. live it up!

John said...

Your blog always makes me hungry. Miss you.

Lauren said...


Bianca said...

Happy blogaversary!!! I love how y'all's blog always includes fun snapshots from your lives. It's sorta fascinating to peek in on someone's life that you don't in real life ... cause I kinda feel like I know y'all now even though I've only been following for a few months. Is that creepy?

BTW, tell Lauren that I'm totally stealing that Sweet 16 idea! I turn 30 this year and I've been looking for a fun theme for my birthday party. Don't worry. I'll give her all the credit for the idea. :-)

Lauren said...

You should totally throw a sweet sixteen party. It was so much fun, and people got really into it! I think the best part was going to a party store to buy all the decorations.

urban vegan said...

Seems like you've been here forever :)

Great post

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! Quite the accomplishment :) You're living in Northern Liberties?? It's great up there!

Alex @ IEatAsphalt said...

This is an awesome post. Glad you're enjoying life in Philly and survived the nastiest winter in years! NoLibs is such an awesome area of the city.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on a year, looks like it's been loads of fun! I've only been reading a few weeks but I feel like I'm totally caught up! :)