Monday, June 28, 2010

Photos from the Weekend

Hello from Texas! I flew in Friday evening to see some family. Unfortunately Eric couldn't make this trip, but it feels good to be home.
I got in later than expected due to weather, so Friday night I immediately went to sleep.

Woke up bright and early Saturday morning and went for a run around my parent's neighborhood. One thing that always throws me off in Texas is how nice people are. Every single person I saw while running said hi.

After the run I immediately changed and jumped in the pool. The dogs freaked out. The dog we had growing up loved the pool and would always swim with us. Bueller and Baxter are scared of it, and get worried about you while you are swimming.

After cooling off I scoped out my mom's garden. She is growing a lot of veggies this year, squash, eggplant, okra, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc.

Then I sat down outside to have breakfast with my dad.

My mom and I did some quick shopping, then we were on our way to Stephenville, Texas! The real reason I came down to Texas is it is my family's yearly reunion. The reunion is a usually a good time to see everyone in my family and I really wanted to make it since my time in Texas in limited these days.
My mom packed the road trip essentials, sammiches and Topo Chico!

After checking into our hotel we all made our way to Granbury, Texas for dinner.
We ate around the town square.

My brother Chase and his girlfriend Jackie drove up from Austin.

My second cousins hanging with my dad.

And I got to meet the newest addition to our family, another second cousin named Heath.

Sunday lunch was spent at the actual family reunion. We all get together and it's potluck style.
My grandma was the star of the reunion, still kicking it at 91.

I don't have too many photos because my cameras was in the hands of a four year old taking out of focus pictures for most of the lunch.

Before heading back to Lubbock we stopped by my grandmother's parent's grave.

Made it back to Lubbock and fixed a small dinner.

And hung out outside with my parents and dogs.


Eric said...

Look at those cute doggies!

Bianca said...

Your grandma is so cute! I love grandmas. And how funny that dogs are all worried about you when you swim. My dog won't stay out of the water...if I had a pool, I'm pretty sure he'd grow gills.

Jackie said...

It was cool seeing you this weekend and could you please send me that veggie burger recipe too?

scargosun said...

Those are great pics! I have to say LOVE the doggies! It is endearing to me when they worry about their humans. :)

Amber Shea said...

I just wrote my last two entries on Texas, love it there :] Why'd you move, anyway?