Sunday, November 29, 2009

leftovers from the weekend

eric and i made our way back to philadelphia today, and it was nice to be reunited with our kitties.
our trip to texas was fun, except for a nasty cold i acquired, which caused me to feel crappy, have a horrendous cough, and lose my voice.
but i'm excited to go back for christmas!

here are some leftover photos from the week in texas!


i think bueller and baxter had a great holiday, and enjoyed all the company, but they were worn out by the time we left.

i wish this was a better video, but when you pet bueller, then stop, he starts to growl at you.

this is part of the drive from dallas to lubbock. it's cotton and windmills for miles and miles. there used to not be any windmills, then they put up a few, now there are thousands.

cornbread waffles
i made cornbread waffles from vegan brunch for breakfast on friday. i ended up freezing most of them and keeping them at my parents, so i am excited to return for christmas and eat them!

and now i am going to go cough up a lung. i think i was the most hated person on the plane this morning.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

happy thanksgiving!

today was great! this morning we left dallas and drove the 5 hours to lubbock to spend thanksgiving with my family.
i need to give a HUGE thank you to my family and eric's family for being so vegan friendly. they both went out of their way to veganize everything they could so eric and i could eat as much as possible.

my dad preparing to eat.

eric grilling
eric grilling veggies.

my brother chase.


eric and dad

mom and brother

the greenbergs
eric's parents.

grandmother and dad

cousin's baby.

morgan came over! and we enjoyed texas beer.




grandmother's thanksgiving
grandmother's plate.

chocolate sheet cake

apple pie

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

welcome to texas!

our flight to dallas was pretty uneventful and easy, which was nice. we arrived to dallas around 10 am, very tired.
landing at dfw

ok, i know people always complain about parts of texas being treeless and flat, but sometimes i like to be able to see all around me. it's nice.


we're staying with eric's parents, and they were kind enough to have some topo chicos in their fridge, MY FAVORITE BEVERAGE OF ALL TIME.

topo chico

eric was pretty excited about all the almonds.


eric's dad took us to the new grocery in town, sprouts.


it was really nice and pretty awesome. things are really inexpensive, and they have a great variety.
and they carried tempt, which might be my favorite ice cream.

tempt ice cream

today eric and i went by my old office to see my old coworkers/friends. it was great to stop by, and i really miss working there.

old job

then we drove to arlington to visit some of my family.

my cousin ashton, aunt allison, grandmother, me, grandfather.

me and my grandparents

me and my grandmother



my grandparents have three dogs, one of them being a pug, my favorite kind of dog!!

chewy girl number two

the most recent dog they took in is named LD, which creatively stands for lost dog.
new dog

my grandmother had the most amazing cookbook out, party potpourri, the 1971 junior league of memphis' cookbook. not only does it contain recipes, it contains proper party and meal etiquette for just about every situation. she let me have the cookbook and i can't wait to start reading and learning the proper guide to entertaining.

party potpourri

tomorrow morning we are heading to lubbock to spend thanksgiving with my family. i hope everyone has a happy holiday!

Monday, November 23, 2009

going home!

i'm spending my evening doing this:
packing! eric and i are flying to texas tomorrow morning.

i don't think words can describe how excited i am. this is the longest i have ever been away from home.

but i am going to miss these goofballs a lot.
kitta marie

kitta marie

i always worry about them!

bits of the weekend

i sort of failed at taking pictures this weekend.
but here's a pomegranate cutting tutorial, and that's still pretty awesome, RIGHT?!
and november is national pomegranate month.

step 1
take your lovely pomegranate and give it a good scrub. ok you really don't have to, but i like to wash it before i put it on my cutting board.

pomengranate step 1

step 2
slice off the top with the "crown" then score the sectionals. then start to peel them apart.

pomengranate step 2

step 3
peel off the seeds into a bowl of water. the white stuff will float to the top, the scoop that out with a spoon.

pomengranate step 3

step 4
pour the seeds and water into a colander and enjoy.

pomengranate step 4

Thursday, November 19, 2009

So I (Eric) had posted that I drink "Greenmonsters" when I get home from my riding commute. Well, I have changed them up a bit since then. I wasn't able to find any fresh (non-bagged) spinach and had found frozen spinach on sale at whole foods. I have been using that which is nice due to the fact that it doesn't go bad/wilt and is easy to keep on hand.

A few other changes I have made is that I replaced rice/almond milk for unsweetened hempmilk, which has essential fatty acids. To this I have also added coconut water, which contains many essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, (which I'm not a huge fan of but not allowed to buy/have any in the house due to Lauren's hatred of the fruit) and 15x most sports drinks. I'm sure the drink will change again and I'll keep you posted.


In other news I got my first dose of working on an older car when I came home to this..


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bits of the weekend

i know, i know, it's wednesday and i am just now posting photos from the weekend.

homemade english muffins

so let's see. saturday morning i woke up wanting to bake something that was new, but not too difficult.
after flipping through some cookbooks i decided english muffins from vegan brunch would be nice to try.

homemade english muffins


homemade english muffins

they were so easy and delicious.

homemade english muffins

after filling up on those i tagged along with eric to a car show.
driving to the car show
his car doesn't have a front passenger seat, so i have to ride in the backseat. atleast i have lots of leg room.

car show

car show

i had planned on making cinnamon rolls for breakfast on sunday, but i am sad to say they turned out meh.

homemade cinnamon rolls

they aren't bad, they just aren't melting in your mouth oh so yummy.
homemade cinnamon rolls

but i fully intend on trying them again soon.
homemade cinnamon rolls

homemade cinnamon rolls

sunday afternoon we went to the grand opening of all by hand! our friends abby and juli opened a fine art and craft consignment store. it's really awesome and i am really proud of them! so if you are in the philadelphia area you should stop by, the store is located at the liberty place mall.

all by hand

the store is really cute and they have awesome stuff inside.

all by hand

all by hand

and later on sunday we went BOWLING!
north bowl

eric and i practically live right across the street from a bowling alley and had never been.

north bowl

north bowl

i don't think any of us played that well, but it was all warm up, next time is the real deal bowling.

north bowl

north bowl

north bowl

north bowl

north bowl

and that was the weekend.
AND GUESS WHAT? this time next week eric and i will be in texas!!!! i am so excited to drink topo chico, shiner, zeigen bock, and lonestar! and hopefully go to central market and even market street. and maybe even buy beer in lubbock?!