Tuesday, March 30, 2010

photos from the weekend

Eric and I started off Saturday morning with the usual, tea, pancakes and hashbrowns.
I was drinking out of my Alamo mug, and later in the day my parents called to say they were on their way to San Antonio. Coincidence?!

saturday morning tea

saturday morning breakfast

Josh and Kelly weren't sick of us yet, and we had plans to meet up at the Piazza for the weekly farmer's market.

northern liberties

I know the weather wasn't as great as last weekends (or so we hear), but atleast it was sunny!

piazza farmer's market

We had heard rumors of a taco trunk, and patiently waited for it to arrive.

piazza farmer's market

piazza farmer's market

Eric and I ordered the edamame hummus...

piazza farmer's market

And the Southern BBQ and Indian Tikki Masala tacos.

piazza farmer's market

After the farmer's market we walked around the neighborhood for a while, checking out shops and the new beer store.

northern liberties

On our walk home Eric and I stopped in City Planter and I was mesmerized by the air plants. I'll probably go back this weekend to pick up one, or two.

air plants

I did purchase a parsley plant and a jade plant.

spring plants

Once we got home I prepped for the main mission of the weekend, my long run. The Broad Street Run is a little over a month away. I had 8 miles on the agenda, but I felt good on my run and ended up doing 8.5.


Later in the evening we went to Whole Foods and I bought these!

rice dream bites

They are as good as you would think. But it's been tough walking by the freezer and not popping a few in my mouth.

We stayed in Saturday night and watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. It's on Hulu, and I recommend you watch it.

We woke up Sunday morning and Eric wasn't sick of tacos quite yet. He prepped some Mexican style tacos for breakfast.

more tacos

Along with some hot chocolate.

saturday drink

I've been wanting to change something up in our apartment, and we are about to sign our lease again. So I am making Eric complete all the projects we have been thinking about the past (almost) year.
The people before us had shelving in this one nook of our apartment. They took it down when they moved, but left all the shelves/hardware.

assembling shelving

We haven't finished, but hopefully it will give us more storage.

While Eric built stuff, I got to work in the kitchen.

I had seen a recipe on The Kitchn for Vegan Chocolate Ginger Orange Cupcakes.

vegan chocolate ginger cupcakes

I am going to recommend that you DO NOT make this recipe. They aren't bad, but not really good. The icing was gross and I ended up just throwing it out.

vegan chocolate ginger cupcakes

But I am sure we will still manage to eat them.


Kelly said...

muy bueno weekend. also, i think i have the same mug but it has a k on it?

tastymoog said...

the only problem with the jamie oliver show is it makes me all judgy and ranty. i'm on the verge of screaming, "gah, effing redneck fatties!" every 2 minutes. but yeah, i'm already hooked. :P

Lauren said...

ha yep we have the same mug! i saw it in your cabinets when josh was getting out a glass. luckily mine has a C.

definitely hooked on the show! but it is soo frustrating. chicken nuggets ALL THE TIME?!
sadly i don't think it's going too well...

Anonymous said...


lpal said...

Did Eric ever decide what is wrong with my car? He said he was going to think about it.

Jackie said...

some air ball garden inspiration.

Eric said...

I really thought the waste of food in Jamie Oliver's show was a bit excessive. I understand hes trying to make a strong point but was all that really needed?

No, I forgot what sounds your car was making.. maybe you can make a sounds clip of it and the area where its coming from :)

The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

I need that watch!

Jess - The Domestic Vegan said...

Beautiful pictures! I love that jade plant. The tacos look awesome, and wow - I want to try those Rice Dream bites!! The cupcakes look delicious even if they weren't...

T said...

Ahh, gorgeous photos and yummy looking food- just the kind of blogs I love to find. :)

Katie said...

This just made me so happy! Gorgeous photos- I want that Batman poster- and even though the cupcakes may not have tasted fab, they look delicious. I'm also kind of in love with your mug.

twotwotwo said...

Um Air plants? Website!