Monday, March 8, 2010

photos from the weekend

this past weekend felt really long, which is always a nice change of pace.

we wanted something quick and easy for friday night's dinner and decided on burritos!
friday night is burrito night

they were just hodgepodge of things we needed to get rid of in our fridge.

later on we met up with two new friends! our first stop was swift half, but unfortunately the music was blaring and we could barely hear each other. we then ventured across the street to bar ferdinand.
i was very impressed at bar ferdinand because they even make their PBRs look classy!
beers at bar ferdinand

saturday morning i woke up fairly early because i was finally going to use one of my birthday gifts! eric's parents got me a facial at a nearby spa and i was very excited to finally put it to use.
terme di aroma
i went to terme di aroma in old city and really liked it. the spa was nice and everyone was extremely friendly.

on my walk back i noticed this outside a club.
club on 2nd street
i don't think you are allowed to bring hair combs/picks inside? maybe people get stabbed with them?

the weather was really nice saturday, but instead of enjoying it eric and i were lazy and watched movies all day.

i mentioned a long time ago that eric bought me some vegan marshmallows, and i finally found some vegan (although not healthy at all) graham crackers, and i have been on a smore making spree!
vegan smores!
i have to pace myself with making these.

we went out to dinner with some friends saturday night, but came home fairly early.

before bed, i prepped breakfast for the next day.
side note, there are a lot of foods i really wish i liked and would eat, but i just can't. i'll try them, but hate them. oatmeal is one. i WISH i liked oatmeal, but i can't. but i think i finally found a way to enjoy oatmeal, sort of.
i discovered breakfast cookies recently and eric and i have been obsessed. they are really quick and easy.

the makings of a breakfast cookie
you prep everything the night before. my current combination is oatmeal, almond butter, flax seeds, pumpkin, chocolate chips, goji berries and hemp milk. combine everything in a bowl then flatten out on a plate and refrigerate overnight.

in the morning you have this deliciousness.
breakfast cookie after being in the fridge over night

it's very filling very yummy. i gobbled this up sunday morning then eric and i rode our bikes over to kelly drive.
i am currently doing a training plan to run the broad street run in may, and my run this weekend called for 6 miles. a few weeks ago i decided to see if any 10k races were going on that i could run that weekend. luckily i found one.

the race was the northeast roadrunners winter 10k. i think it might be the longest consecutive race in philly?
it was a pretty small, low key race. no chips, no swag bags, and it went along the walking/running/bike path that everyone else uses on kelly drive.
since it was so low-key eric decided to run it with me at the last minute, unofficially.

northeast roadrunner's 10k

we ended up finishing in about 55 minutes. not too bad for our first 10k!

i might have a new running partner?
eric after the 10k

after the run we came back home and just hung out. i was starting to get sick and really didn't feel like doing anything.
but eventually the baking itch hit and i started going through cookbooks. i had received vegan cookies invade your cookie jar for christmas, but hadn't used the book yet. after flipping through i decided to make the lazy samoas, a take on girl scout cookies! i was really excited and had high expectations, since those used to be my favorite girl scout cookie.

vegan samoas

i am happy to say these cookies did not disappoint.

vegan samoas

and i am sad to say that i am officially sick. last night i thought i was coming down with the flu, but this morning i feel slightly better and think it just might be a cold.


Kelly said...

cheers on the run - and feel better!

have you tried the sweet n sara vegan smores (at the foodery and spring garden market)?

Andy Dufresne said...

Mmm s'mores.

Nice job on the 10K!

Have you heard of the Wissahickon Trail Classic ( It's a 10K trail run in June and lots of fun...or so I've heard! I work for the nonprofit that puts on the event. All the money raised goes to ecological restoration in the Wissahickon Valley Park!

I was photographer last year and probably will be again this year:

Katie said...

Congrats on the run, and hooray for running with the boy! I love running with mine... makes the time fly by.

Those cookies look amazing... I want that cook(ie)book- and the cupcake one- like whoa.

Don't judge me if I say PBR is one of my favorites.