Monday, March 15, 2010

photos from the weekend

eric went to atlantic city friday night, so i was on my own for the night. luckily i got a phone call shortly after getting home and juli and abby were in my neighborhood for dinner.


we met at cantina, then juli came over after dinner, then we went out dancing.

woke up saturday morning to really crappy weather.
but to make up for the crappy weather, eric had picked up some goodies for me on his way to atlantic city.

sweet freedom

sweet freedom is a new-ish gluten-free, vegan bakery in philly. i had really been wanting to try stuff from it, but we aren't usually in the area.
eric picked up a cupcake that was ok. it wasn't amazing, but not bad either. and i am sure if i had eaten it fresh, instead of it sitting in a car for a while, it would have been really good.

cupcake from sweet freedom

but he also picked up a whoopie pie, which was amazing. i didn't think i would like it, but i couldn't keep it out of my mouth.

from sweet freedom

around lunch, some friends came into the city and we went to brunch at...CANTINA! i know we eat here a lot, but the food's good, you can get a table fairly easily, and everyone likes it.

brunch at cantina

after brunch we hopped on the subway to go to a flyers game.

gross weekend

i've never been to a NHL game, so it was really fun and exciting!


the flyers won in the last few seconds.

after the game

eric and i spent the rest of the night watching movies, and doing nothing.
we made some type of indian-ish cuisine for dinner. we really need to work on it though.

saturday night dinner

i was lurking the internet and came across a really simple recipe for ciabatta bread. it really seemed too good to be true.
i went ahead and prepped the dough saturday night and left it alone.

making ciabatta bread

and when i woke up sunday morning it had doubled in size and was ready to plop in the oven.
it's no secret i am a fan of the famous no knead bread, but this might be even easier?!

ciabatta bread

it provided a very nice size loaf that tasted delicious.

there was more crappy weather sunday, so we never left the apartment.
sunday's dinner was a "clean out of the fridge" type of night, since we are leaving town in a few days.

dinner sunday night

but the good news, due to daylight savings, we finally have light back for dinner!


tastymoog said...

I went to Sweet Freedom a couple weekends ago. The chocolate cupcake was good, the vanilla, meh.

Kelly said...

glad you guys got to check out sweet freedom - and the flyers! are you coming out for bingo tonight?

Kelly said...

yes, we will go, i still have to win a game!