Friday, March 19, 2010

austin day 2 cont.

well honestly we haven't seen any bands (ok we haven't been to a single show), but we have been hanging out with friends and family, and eating good food and drinking good beer, and that stuff is better than seeing bands in my opinion.

yesterday, after breakfast, eric, chase and i went on an excursion to buy topo chico.

topo chico

i was very impressed that you could buy them in cases!
we also purchased some beer, and couldn't get over how inexpensive it was.
i was pretty excited to try shiner 101.

shiner 101

we hung out for a bit at my brother's place.

hanging out at my brother's

and don't think you weren't going to get any cat pictures while we were away! this is zombie, my brother and jackie's cat.

zombie in a tree

everyone was getting hungry and we decided to head to matt's el rancho.

matt's el rancho

this is probably the only place, anywhere, that we make a point of eating at twice.

eric and i went with our usual order of matt's jr. potatoes. it's pretty simple, french fries, onion and jalapenos, but they do a soy sauce mixture on top that makes them amazing.

matt's el rancho

matt's el rancho

matt's el rancho

after lunch chase dropped us off at lindsay's, and i was excited to see her cats as well.



we headed downtown with every intention of seeing some bands.

walking down 6th street

but then we opted out and hung out at a bar and drank a $6 pitcher.
side bar

side bar

we had dinner plans at a byob, so lindsay took us to whip in, it sort of reminded me of the foodery in philly, but a lot larger.

whip in

i was pretty excited about dinner because rachel and lindsay had found a vegan friendly indian restaurant.


rachel and her out of focus boyfriend.

zach and rachel

we ordered vegan samoas.

new india

and the vegan platter, which had a little bit of a bunch of things.

new india

after dinner, rachel, zach, eric and i went back to bouldin creek coffeehouse.
i couldn't pass up another peanut butter chocolate cupcake.
bouldin creek coffeehouse

we played some intense games of uno and yahtzee.
bouldin creek coffeehouse

bouldin creek coffeehouse

and to end the night, rachel took us to some crazy bar with a lot of arcade games.

but they had a photobooth which was really exciting!


The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

i absolutely love that you played just makes me all warm and fuzzy for some reason. I miss Texas-it's about time to visit my dad i think!!

Ben said...

looks like fun!