Wednesday, March 10, 2010


i am pretty excited because in one week eric and i are taking off to austin for sxsw!
i've been going to sxsw for almost 16 years now, my parent's used to take my brother and i down to austin every year for spring break.

i used to spend my time running around to different venues trying to catch as many bands as i could see. this year i am planning on taking a different approach and trying to hang out with my brother, my friends, drink some texas beer, eat some mexican food, and maybe take in a few shows.

in honor of the awesomness that will be taking place next week, i thought i'd post some pictures of previous sxsw's, since i didn't have a blog back then.

spring break 2k7
eric and i 3 years ago. we had only been dating a few months and this was his first sxsw experience.

and us again two years ago.

my brother and jackie two years ago.

my brother, me and rachel, at some metal show rachel had us attend.
(hah, i just noticed in all 3 pictures of myself i am wearing different glasses. because i used to get a pair each year. i am sad to say this year i will not have a new pair, stupid health insurance)

got to see my favorite band, japanther, a bunch. can't wait to see them again this year!

i'm sad i'm not gonna have my bike with me this year. biking all over austin is usually a highpoint.


Ann Marie said...

i've never been, but have always wanted to go! can't wait to hear about what you find this year.