Monday, March 29, 2010

Thoreau Restaurant

Eric and I did a lot this weekend, so we decided to break up our usual weekend post. We are starting with dinner Friday night.

Friday night we had plans to meet Josh and Kelly at Thoreau, a new-ish vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Philly.

The restaurant is located in an odd part of Philly, and it's not far from our apartment, but not exactly right around the corner either. Regardless, Eric and I were really excited because we were becoming bored with our usual restaurant choices.

Thoreau is BYOB, so we, well actually Josh and Kelly, brought some Fleur de Lehighs for us to drink.


This beer is good. Really good. And it might go down a little too easily.

We both ordered different appetizers to share.
Eric and I went with the Green Curry Summer Mango Rolls.


Despite getting it all over myself, these were delicious. I think I might even order this dish as my main course next time we go.

Josh and Kelly ordered the special, an avocado peanut taco.


Their appetizer did not disappoint, and we all agreed it should be added to Thoreau's regular menu.

So Josh and Kelly might be our food soulmates. We have gone out to dinner twice, and both times Kelly and I have ordered the same thing, and Eric and Josh have ordered the same thing.

Kelly and I ordered the Sanoma Sampler.


It's a lentil salad with pistachios, swiss chard, cucumber, corn, beets, and a lot more yumminess. Eric commented that this might be the craziest thing I have ever ordered at a restaurant.

Eric and Josh ordered the Green Curry Sheperd's Pie.


It had couscous, broccolini, beets, butternut and squash in green curry coconut broth, topped with white yam rosette.

The food was really good, and I like going to "nicer" restaurants where I don't have to just order sides. The restaurant is expensive, but you get a lot of food, and the fact it's BYOB is nice.

And I am going to enjoy my leftovers today for lunch, which will be delicious.


tastymoog said...

fleur de lehigh is my spring jam. so happy it got its own cute box this year (last year, it was in plain pbc box with a sticker slapped on it to denote what was inside).

everything looks yummy, especially the mango curry rolls. and that shepherd's pie puts my vegan version to shame.