Friday, April 2, 2010

starting the garden

I don't think I have mentioned it yet, but Eric and I are planning on growing a lot of our own food this summer, or atleast attempting to. When we were looking for an apartment in Philadelphia one of our requirements was some outdoor space. We got more than we imagined and are definitely going to use it to our advantage.
Starting this garden has been down right intimidating. From the seeds, to the soil, to where to plant it, etc. But I am hoping for the best and gonna roll with the punches.

I don't have anything cool garden-wise to show you quite yet, but I wanted to show you how to make a biodegradable seed starter.

step 1
biodegradable seed starter
Grab an empty toilet paper roll and some scissors. I started saving toilet paper rolls a while back.

step 2
biodegradable seed starter
Cut slits about 1/4" into the roll and 1/4" apart.

step 3
biodegradable seed starter

biodegradable seed starter
Fold the slits down and they will start to overlap.

step 4
biodegradable seed starter
Fill with soil and seeds!

Once your plants are ready to go into the ground they can be planted directly into the soil. The toilet paper roll with breakdown.

You can also do this with newspaper, and while it didn't seem hard at all, it required more work than this, like me leaving the apartment to actually find said newspaper.

On a side note, I installed a new commenting system. We will have to see how it works, but I think it lets me actually comment back to people!
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