Tuesday, March 9, 2010

More Beer Updates?!

More updates for Barnivore.com

I love that more or less all the older Belgium breweries are vegan with only a few ingredients and laws to keep it that way.

I also talked to a some local PA breweries just in case we ever run into them and/or in the mood to enjoy a brewery tour.

I will be sending these to Barnivore later today to update the site.



Brasserie de Silly S.A.- Vegan - Some brands include: La Divine, Enghien, Pink Killer, Abbaye de Forest, Silly, Super 64, Titje - beeradvocate

Brasserie de Blaugies - Vegan - beeradvocate

Brasserie De La Senne / De Zenne Brouwerij - Vegan - beeradvocate

Brouwerij Smisje - Vegan - beeradvocate

Brasserie Dubuisson - Vegan - beeradvocate

Brouwerij Bavik - Vegan - Beers include: Bavik, Petrus, Pilaarbijter, and Wittekerke beeradvocate

Brouwerij Drie Fonteinen - Vegan - beeradvocate


Traquair House Brewery Lld - Vegan - beeradvocate

United States

Furthermore - Mostly Veagn with the execption Fallen Apple (lactose) - (re-checked) - website

Rock Bottom - NOT Vegan - "Our head brewmaster, Kevin Reed, has informed me that most of our" - website

PA Breweries

- HofbrÀuhaus Pittsburgh - Vegan - website

- Selin's Grove Brewing Co. - Vegan - website

- Old Forge Brewing Company - Vegan - "None of our beers have any of the products you mentioned, however, some day they may if we decide to make a beer that would include any of those items. If that happens, we would have that in the description." - website

- Appalachian Brewing Company - Vegan - I guess they make soda there which contains honey though. Also they explained to me "We also follow our Organic Processing System for all beers, even though the ingredients are not certified organic (except our certified Organic Brown Ale). This allows for use of carrageen and only certain sanitizers" - website

- Bavarian Barbarian Brewing Company- Vegan - website

- Manayunk Brewery and Restaurant - Mostly Vegan with the exception of honey IPA (honey) - website

- Erie Brewing Co. - Mostly Vegan with the exception of Drakes Crude oatmeal stout (lactose sugar) - website

- Union Barrel Works - Mostly Vegan with the exception of Mai Bock (honey) - website

- Church Brew Works -Mostly Vegan with the exception of Milk Stout (lactose sugar) and the Honey Wit (honey)- website

- McKenzie Brew House - Mostly Vegan - "The only animal product we occasionally use in our beer is honey. Nothing on draft now or in the near future uses anything from animals." - website

- Roy Pitz Brewing Company - NOT Vegan - "We do use gelatin in the conditioning vessel for seperation of protein and some yeast, and we hydrate and de-gas it first." - website

Bullfrog Brewery - NOT Vegan - "
Yes, most of our beers employ the use of isinglass for clarification and some (albeit very few) do contain honey. I've also used lactose (milk sugar) in the past but again rarely. Whenever I use ingredients such as honey or lactose I state it in the beers description for those with allergies." - website