Thursday, April 29, 2010

Finishing Up the Photos

Ok, finally. Last post from our weekend in NYC/Brooklyn.
We woke up Sunday morning to rain. Eric and I planned on heading back to Philly early, but we couldn't leave without eating some substantial food.

We really want to go to Bliss, and we called beforehand to make sure they were open.

It was about a mile walk from Becca's apartment, and we arrived while the cafe was still half empty. It was a really cute place.

bliss cafe

bliss cafe

In case you haven't noticed yet, I am not a very adventurous eater. Eric is, but I tend to stick to the basics (although I have branched out SO much the past few years). I ordered a bagel, homefries and a side of fruit.

bliss cafe

Eric went a little crazy and ordered the vegan breakfast burrito.

bliss cafe

We both really enjoyed our breakfast and I am glad we finally made it there.


Tess said...

Looks delicious! Sam and I are the opposite. I'm the very adventurous eater and Sam is frustratingly picky. He'd be happy eating nothing but stir fry and french fries for the rest of his life!

Lauren said...

Haha stir fry & French fries...that sounds just like me!

Bianca said...

Mmmm...breakfast burritos! That's something I haven't had in way too long.