Monday, April 5, 2010

photos from the weekend

I was off work Friday (hooray Good Friday!) and started my day off with a 9 mile run. It wasn't easy, and I just wanted it to be finished.

Eric had to work, but he took a half day. We decided to go out to lunch and wanted to try a new place. We settled on Maru Global, which is around 10th and Spruce. For some reason I thought it was more of a sit down restaurant, but once we arrived we realized a lot of it was take-out. Regardless they had some tables inside and it's BYOB.

Eric and I started with a whole grain salad appetizer and some edamame.
maru global

But we were really curious about their specialty, Takoyaki. They have a bunch of different "balls" you can order, and most can be veganized.
We settled on trying two, corn and salsa verde and BBQ.

maru global

maru global

They were...interesting? I liked the flavor, but wasn't a fan of the texture inside the ball.

After eating I rushed back to our neighborhood to meet up with Kelly for girly stuff.
Then we met up with the boys for some happy hour drinks. It was really, really nice Friday and some patio action was needed.

happy hour at el camino

Our neighborhood was out of control Friday night. I'm not sure if it was just because it was First Friday, or because it was really nice out, but 2nd Street was full of mayhem. We tried to go out to dinner later on, but every place had a long wait and we eventually called it quits.

Woke up Saturday morning, pretty early, and Eric was nice enough to make pumpkin pancakes! We stocked up on canned pumpkin back in November and are still working our way through numerous cans.

saturday morning breakfast

I was then off to get my haircut. My bangs had gotten so long I could barely see. I tried to get Kitta Marie to model with me later, but she wasn't having any of that.

kitta marie

After the haircut Eric and I stopped by the farmer's market. We picked up a few things including some purple potato bread.
purple potato bread

And some beautiful swiss chard.
swiss chard from the farmer's market

The weather was awesome Saturday and we headed to our neighborhood park for lunch.


We built lettuce wraps for lunch.

And shared some beer.

I ended up getting sunburned from all the lounging.

Later in the day we were hanging out at the apartment and spotted this kitten on our deck.
random kitten on our deck

We had never seen this random kitten in our neighborhood, but he was very friendly. We had our doors open, and next thing we knew, random kitten had run into our apartment, gave Grissom a kiss on the nose, and bolted. It happened so fast Grissom didn't even know what to do.

Saturday evening we walked up to Kung Fu Necktie because Orchid was having a party to celebrate their 100th shoe.
All their previous designs were hanging on walls. Quick...try to guess how many pairs Eric has?
orchid 100 shoe party

And the 100th shoe!
orchid 100 shoe party

We stayed there for a bit and Eric ordered us these beers...I had never seen/heard of them before? Don't worry, they weren't amazing, ha.
orchid 100 shoe party

I am going to save our Sunday activities till tomorrow because we went on a cool excursion!
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