Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM

Note: There's only a few special people that get recognized on this blog, so if you ever get the pleasure feel special… very special.

With that said I’d like to say happy birthday to my mom. I love you MOM! Though I don't think I ever call my mom, "Mom," I will here. It seems to be what respectable children do.

I'm pretty excited for the parents to finally get up to see us/the new place in Philadelphia all the way from "big D" (Dallas, Texas if you will). I wish I could say I was the only reason they were coming up next month but you know what, I'll take what I can. My mom is a bit too busy working all times of day, so vacation days are few and far between. I mean unless were talking about that time they went to Vegas without me, aka my dream destination since I was a child… lets say I enjoy casino establishments. But nonetheless we are pleased to have them coming up and hopefully show then some sights and sounds.

I am not as neat as Lauren with old pictures of my mom in her hay day, but I have a nice picture from the last time we saw them. Happy birthday mom!

eric and his parents


scargosun said...

Aw so sweet to send b-day wishes to your mom via the blogosphere. :)

Ben said...

Happy birthday!

Bianca said...

Happy birthday mom!!