Monday, April 19, 2010

photos from the weekend

Despite not really accomplishing a lot this past weekend, it did seem to go slow, and that's always a good thing, right?
Before I left work I texted Eric and asked if he could make some veggie burgers for dinner. I usually get home a lot later than Eric and he is always kind enough to start dinner, which is awesome!

I arrived home and dinner was almost finished. We cracked open two new beers to try.
friday night beers
The Blue Point was alright, not bad, but not a lot of flavor. But La Chouffee was amazing. Very light, but flavorful.

friday night beers

Then we got to eating. I ate my burger open faced, and tried to load up on the veggies.
friday night burgers

Eric went more in the BBQ route, but his looked good too.
friday night burgers

After eating we went into Center City to hang out with some friends, but made our way home at an early hour.
I ended up getting really sick Friday night, which sucked. I'm not sure what happened, since I was able to eliminate food and alcohol, and those are what usually cause me to get sick
Eric woke up early Saturday morning to finish baking stuff for the bake sale, and I slept in to the last possible second, and woke up still looking like a hot mess.

Despite it being chilly and windy, we walked up to the bake sale to deliver our goodies and see how it was going. I think the bake sale ended up doing quite well!

share our strength bakesale

Since we were right outside, and our kitchen was a disaster from baking, Eric and I decided to head into A Full Plate for some breakfast.
While waiting on our food to arrive we were brought some blueberry bread. Gosh, this stuff was amazing. It was sweet, but not too sweet.
a full plate

We went with the usual for breakfast, granola french toast with a side of breakfast potatoes.
a full plate

After a nap and some lounging I was getting hungry, but didn't want to make a full meal. I settled on making a smoothie, which if you know me, is a pretty big deal. I've always wanted to like smoothies, but most are made with bananas. Which I hate. With a passion.
It took some trial and error, but I finally developed a decent smoothie recipe.

Nothing fancy, some water, strawberries, blueberries, and a big scoop of Vega powder.

Eric went a more normal route and picked up some pizza.
vegan pizza

Eric and I headed out of the city later in the day because we had a fiesta to attend. But not without stopping at KOP mall and spending way too much on the best pair of jeans ever.
Got to the fiesta and ate way too much food.
Before we left we took some photos, in the most stereotypical fiesta dress you can think of.
mexican fiesta
Awesome mustaches, right?

Eric and Ben then posed in what they will be wearing to their next bike race.
mexican fiesta

I was crashing hard by 10pm, so Eric and I left and drove back into the city.
Woke up early Sunday morning and began getting ready for my last long run before the Broad Street run. It called for 11 miles, which I wasn't sure I could physically do.
Without much prodding Eric agreed to run with me. We dominated the 11 miles, but I felt like hell the rest of the day.

Some random foods from Sunday included dehydrated zucchini.
dehydrated zucchini
This stuff is addicting. I'm not a huge fan of zucchini, but I like it fried. This stuff tastes exactly like fried zucchini. Eric marinated it before dehydrating it over night. AMAZING.

For dinner we decided to try something new. I had seen a recipe for Almond Crusted Root Vegetable Fries on Diet, Dessert and Dogs. Definitely intriguing.
making almond crust fries
I cut up some sweet potatoes and yucca and coated them in the almond butter mixture.

almond crusted fries
They turned out pretty well. They were tasty, and the yucca seemed to go exceptionally well with the almond butter.

Eric baked some tempeh too. This stuffed turned out good. I don't eat a lot of (or any) meat substitutions, but really likes this tempeh. He used the Tempeh Bacon recipe from Vegan Brunch.
baked tempeh


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