Sunday, April 11, 2010

photos from the weekend

Friday night Eric and I were bums. I got home from work late, and was already exhausted.
But all day I was looking forward to coming home and drinking a beer.


A Shiner to be more specific. Apparently you can buy Shiner in Delaware, and our upstairs neighbors drink a lot of it. Those neighbors are actually out of town, and we are cat-sitting, and they offered us a few Shiners in return.

We watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution then passed out for the night.
But part of our reason for staying in and getting some sleep is we both had big workouts planned. Eric is training to ride a century, and I have the Broad Street Run next month.

I set out on my 10 mile run, which is the exact distance of the Broad Street Run. And I am happy to say it was successful! The wind was horrendous, but I made it, which was a major confidence boost.

10 miles!!!

After we got home and cleaned up I was starving. We walked up to El Camino, ready to use some of our bingo winnings.

lunch at el camino

We ate numerous chips and salsa and shared a salad and some fries. Food has never tasted so good.

Eric and I lounged the rest of the day, but we did receive some exciting packages.
I always enter blog giveaways, and finally won one!
Leslie, from And Her Little Dog Too had a giveaway for an Envitote a few weeks ago. I was pretty excited to win because Eric and I use reusable bags for everything.
Of course as soon as we took it out of the package Grissom had to investigate.

This bag is going to be awesome for taking to the park for picnics.


It's also collapsible.

After a nap, Eric and I got all fancy because we had big dinner plans.

I'm pretty sure it makes us lame vegans, but we had never been to Horizons. Josh and Kelly were determined to change that and made us all reservations for Saturday night.


The lighting in the restaurant was pretty low, so the pictures aren't great, but the food sure was delicious.
Kelly and I ordered the Vietnamese Tacos for our entree.


Eric ordered the Pacific Rim Grilled Tofu.


And Josh ordered a mushroom dish, that I can't remember the name of!


I couldn't pass up dessert, so I ordered the Chocolate Tart with smoked peanut butter ice cream.


I went to bed stuffed and woke up still stuffed.
After hanging out a bit, Eric decided to make me a surprise breakfast. It was hard to not look at what he was making, the the outcome was worth it.
He made whole wheat biscuits.


And some tofu scramble.

tofu scramble

It was really nice outside so we rode our bikes to Whole Foods for our weekly grocery shopping. By the time we got home Eric and I were hungry again.
Eric got to working on a tofu banh mi for lunch.

tofu banh mi

We both agreed they make the prettiest sandwiches.

tofu banh mi

tofu banh mi

After lunch we rode our bikes into Center City and hung out in Rittenhouse Square. The square was packed and provided for some great people watching, including watching a guy get arrested.
We tried to go clothes shopping, but places were starting to close so we called it quits and went home.

I'll end this post with a picture of Olive, one of the cats we are cat-sitting. She is still a baby and really adorable and sweet.



The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

Olive looks like my kitty :)

rachel said...

chocolate tart with smoked peanut butter ice cream! oh. my. god.

healthy ashley said...

Gosh your blog is fantastic! I love all the photos of yummy food and your adorable fashion!

Nice job on the run :)

Katie said...

I love that dress! I also love love love those biscuits (maybe I should be a nice girlfriend and wake Ari up with them on the weekend) and that fabulous restaurant meal! I should know better than to read before lunch...