Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

i decided to make a post since today is the last day of vegan mofo and eric and i spent most of the day in the kitchen.
i wanted to get together some easy foods to take to work with me, and first up was bran muffins.
making bran muffins

these are from "how it all vegan", and really easy to make.
bran muffins

earlier this week i saw some vegan pumpkin raisin scones and knew i had to make them. except replace the raisins with chocolate chips!
scone dough

scone dough

they turned out really good and it is taking a lot of willpower not to eat a second one.
scone finished!

we also cooked brussel sprouts for the first time. eric was a fan, i was not.
brussel sprouts

and finally i made some peanut butter cups. i don't have any pictures right now, but hopefully tomorrow!

i hope everyone has a happy halloween! we just finished carving pumpkins and plan on watching the phillies game then going out and doing something. eric and i have an awesome costume, so hopefully the rain stops and we go out.