Monday, October 26, 2009

bits of the weekend

i felt like the days were reversed because saturday we stayed home and were lazy, and sunday we were busy.

i ended up cleaning the stove and refrigerator saturday morning. how exciting.
how i spent my saturday

how i spent my saturday

and eating bowls and bowls of popcorn, thanks to the whirly pop.
whirly pop!

and making whole wheat tortillas, which turned out great.
whole wheat flour tortillas

and sunday we woke up early because i ran the lupus loop 5k! eric is awesome because he woke up and came with me.
during the run

i was pretty excited after the race because i set a new PR for running a 5k. not that i am fast or anything, but still.
after the run

and then we did something we have wanted to do for weeks, go pumpkin picking! after searching around we found a place in new jersey. but when we got there, we thought we had made a bad decision. the place was so crowded, and full of screaming kids everywhere.
pumpkin farm

but once we got on the hayride to the pumpkin patch it got better.
pumpkin farm

we spent some time walking around, picking up pumpkins and carrying them till we found a better one.
pumpkin farm

pumpkin farm

pumpkin farm

and eventually we settled on two, that we will carve up this week.
pumpkin farm

after the pumpking picking we went to my favorite store, the container store.
i love container store

we made a really awesome dinner sunday night, but none of the photos turned out well. i am bummed. all the food was local and it was delicious. we had green beans with fingerling potatoes and onions. it was delicious, and my first time trying green beans in years.


Lana said...

waiting to see the carved pumpkins! wanted to tell you...Clint and I made your couscous and chick pea recipe...we added raisins and roasted butternut squash (with cumin). It was delicious! keep your recipes coming...they are always healthy!