Tuesday, October 20, 2009

gingerbread cookies

i wanted to make a dessert before my parents visit, but i was starting to feel lazy from all the cleaning i was doing. when i found out they were coming a day late i figured that was a good opportunity to bake something.
i was fresh out of ideas so i asked eric what he wanted and he wanted gingerbread cookies. after some googling we settled on this recipe from PPK.

gingerbread cookies

the dough was easy to make and didn't take very long, minus the chill time. i'm definitely going to bake these again for the holidays.

gingerbread cookies

i wish i had some cute cookies cutters, all i had were stars and hearts. i remember growing up my mom had so many different shapes to choose from. it was slightly overwhelming to figure out what kind of cookies you wanted!

gingerbread cookies

i ended up putting some chocolate chips in a few, because DUH, chocolate chips make everything better.

i never got around to taking a proper after photo, and the cookies are pretty much gone.

i made vegan gingerbread cookies


Kip said...

Want. Now. Teletransport to mah tummah, plz.

Jackie said...

i have some awesome cookie cutters from ikea. they're in the shapes of animals. anyway, they're cute and cheap so you should check 'em out.