Thursday, October 29, 2009

the most exciting news yet

and i start monday.

as most of you know, back in june i left my job at a magazine to move to philadelphia with my way awesome boyfriend. since then i have been on a massive job hunt (who quits their job in a recession?), so i am excited for that to be over with.
this new job is working at a children's book publishing company and i am really excited but also sad that i won't be working with photographers and at a magazine. oh well.

and i need to thank eric, my parents and his parents SO MUCH. they have all been amazing in their support and encouragement throughout this entire thing.

I got money in the bank (yea)
shawty what you drank


Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! Excellent news. But, hey, you can't forget about us, your loyal blog fans.

Nick Graham said...

That's awesome, dude! Congrats! send me free stuff for my kids! haw