Monday, October 19, 2009

parent's visit

my parents came to visit over the weekend!
this trip had a lot of bumps before they even got here. first, my parents missed their flight. i'm not sure how, and they say the got to the airport on time, but who knows. so they ended up catching a flight to philly friday morning.
so everything seemed to be going alright, and i left for the airport, and then i hit traffic. i figured no big deal, i'm not THAT far from the airport. well about 1/2 mile in front of me there was a wreck. i ended up sitting on the highway for two hours. for two hours i did not move. at all. no seriously, my car was turned off. thank god for my iphone because i ended up watching a movie while i waited.
and then there was the weather. it was rainy.

well the weather on saturday ended up being alright. it was cold, and slightly drizzly, but we were still able to tour the city.

my dad got a big kick out of being able to order a lager everywhere.

we did all the tourist stuff all day saturday. i am becoming a great tour guide!

i did get to use my new winter jacket that my grandmother bought me!
me and dad

my mom liked all the pretty leaves.

and we ate a lot of good food and drank a lot of good beer.

it was great having them! i hope they can come for a few more days next time and we can do stuff at a slower pace.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you all enjoyed a nice visit . . . or as Eric put it: Pam two; Laura zero!