Monday, October 5, 2009

bits of the weekend

the weather looked like it was supposed to rain all weekend, so it was a nice surprise when it didn't.
friday night eric and i walked through old city and all the first friday mess to the seaport museum.
walking friday night

hori smoku sailor jerry

we met up with some friends for a showing of hori smoku sailor jerry. it was pretty good, and had a lot of funny parts. i don't know much (or anything) about tattoo history so that was cool.
there was also a tattoo exhibit going on.
hori smoku sailor jerry

after that we went to belgium cafe for awesome food and awesome drinks. i am so happy bars are starting to have fall beers.

saturday morning eric made me vegan ginger pankcakes. they were awesome. pancakes have become our fallback breakfast meal when we have no other food.
vegan ginger pancakes

a few weeks ago we noticed that yard's brewery was really close to our apartment, so we decided to hit up the free tour.
yard's brewery

i think the coolest part of the tour was they showed you the bottling and packaging, which i had never seen.
yard's brewery

i really like their beer, but all the ones they had out i had already tried. oh well, it was still good.
yard's brewery

later on we went to a few bars around our place.
keeping our streets clean

i decided to try an apple for the first time in about 12 years.
trying an apple

yep, still don't like them.
trying an apple

sunday morning i made vegan french toast! i'd never made french toast, and hadn't had it in a while, so i really had nothing to compare it to. we used ezekiel bread, that i toasted lightly. i think if we had different bread it would have been better. but it wasn't bad.
vegan french toast

we hadn't been to the farmer's market in a while and decided to ride our bikes down there.
farmer's market

famer's market finds

famer's market finds

eric is taking an online driving course, so we just hung out at the apartment the rest of the day, watching a bunch of true blood.

grissom has started an annoying habit of getting in my lap all the time. anytime i do anything, he has to be right there. so i ate dinner with him in my lap.


AT said...

Aww, Grissom hearts you! If CJ's not sleeping somewhere, he's usually in my lap. He's always gotta be there when I'm on the computer too.