Friday, October 9, 2009

quick dinner

it's friday and it's so pretty outside!
last night i made probably one of the quickest dinners ever, besides a sandwich. eric and i had gone out for drinks and we were feeling tired and lazy and had the office to watch (such a good episode!). we were also starting to run out of food.

chickpea & swiss chard with couscous

i put on a pot of couscous. then i drained, rinsed, and dried a can of chickpeas and put them in the iron skillet with a little bit of oil. once they started to brown i threw in some swiss chard and once that started to brown i threw in some pinenuts. the couscous was finished cooking by this point, so i combined everything, added some salt, pepper and lemon juice, and had a nice healthy easy dinner!


Kuntrageous said...

that sounds delicious and quick; i'm always looking for quick recipes to throw together after the 12 hour days i put in!