Thursday, November 19, 2009

So I (Eric) had posted that I drink "Greenmonsters" when I get home from my riding commute. Well, I have changed them up a bit since then. I wasn't able to find any fresh (non-bagged) spinach and had found frozen spinach on sale at whole foods. I have been using that which is nice due to the fact that it doesn't go bad/wilt and is easy to keep on hand.

A few other changes I have made is that I replaced rice/almond milk for unsweetened hempmilk, which has essential fatty acids. To this I have also added coconut water, which contains many essential electrolytes, more potassium than a banana, (which I'm not a huge fan of but not allowed to buy/have any in the house due to Lauren's hatred of the fruit) and 15x most sports drinks. I'm sure the drink will change again and I'll keep you posted.


In other news I got my first dose of working on an older car when I came home to this..



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