Tuesday, November 10, 2009

meal planning

moving in together was not a big adjustment, but we definitely had to get used to each others schedules and habits. it wasn't hard in the beginning because unemployment gave me flexibility and if something needed to be done, i had the time.
but now that we are both working we are having to readjust and work together.

one thing we are testing out is meal planning. i am hoping it makes everything a little bit easier, grocery shopping, having more creative and interesting dinners, planning for leftovers, etc.

homemade falafel

right now i have all of our nightly meals on my google calendar, which eric has access too. we email a lot during the day, so any questions or suggestions are easily answered and the menu is adjusted. it helps a lot because eric gets home from work and starts prepping dinner, and when i get home we can immediately start cooking.

i really hope we keep this up, or atleast have a few meals planned each week. it seems to make everything go a lot smoother and helps us have stress-free dinners.


Anonymous said...

posting your meal plan on a shared google calendar is the most adorable/admirable thing ever.