Sunday, November 29, 2009

leftovers from the weekend

eric and i made our way back to philadelphia today, and it was nice to be reunited with our kitties.
our trip to texas was fun, except for a nasty cold i acquired, which caused me to feel crappy, have a horrendous cough, and lose my voice.
but i'm excited to go back for christmas!

here are some leftover photos from the week in texas!


i think bueller and baxter had a great holiday, and enjoyed all the company, but they were worn out by the time we left.

i wish this was a better video, but when you pet bueller, then stop, he starts to growl at you.

this is part of the drive from dallas to lubbock. it's cotton and windmills for miles and miles. there used to not be any windmills, then they put up a few, now there are thousands.

cornbread waffles
i made cornbread waffles from vegan brunch for breakfast on friday. i ended up freezing most of them and keeping them at my parents, so i am excited to return for christmas and eat them!

and now i am going to go cough up a lung. i think i was the most hated person on the plane this morning.


Anonymous said...

I love those photots of the dogs!