Sunday, November 8, 2009

bits of the weekend

a busy but boring one.

there was lots of cat loving.
not a show cat
i also got my hair and bangs cut.

we went to new jersey to watch people ride bikes.

and saw a pretty sunset on the delaware river.
delaware river

and went to a bmx premiere.

on sunday eric took the train to virginia. he is going to do a post later on why he went to virginia.
it was nice having the day to myself. eric is the first "roommate" i've ever had, after years of living alone. sometimes it's nice to be alone again.
it was also a gorgeous day.

sunday morning breakfast

grissom went crazy for our nutritional yeast.


The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

my kitties LOVE nooch too :)

lauren said...

hah, that's too funny! glad to know my cat isn't the odd one out.