Monday, November 23, 2009

bits of the weekend

i sort of failed at taking pictures this weekend.
but here's a pomegranate cutting tutorial, and that's still pretty awesome, RIGHT?!
and november is national pomegranate month.

step 1
take your lovely pomegranate and give it a good scrub. ok you really don't have to, but i like to wash it before i put it on my cutting board.

pomengranate step 1

step 2
slice off the top with the "crown" then score the sectionals. then start to peel them apart.

pomengranate step 2

step 3
peel off the seeds into a bowl of water. the white stuff will float to the top, the scoop that out with a spoon.

pomengranate step 3

step 4
pour the seeds and water into a colander and enjoy.

pomengranate step 4


The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

i never thought of that!!

lauren said...

it makes pomegranate eating so much easier and less messy!

Brody said...

I still wouldn't call it "eating." Just consuming small quantities of liquid at a time. We finally got a few good ones off our tree this year, though.