Monday, November 9, 2009

The new lady of the household.

So as Lauren had said I took trip to Virgina on Sunday and I was going to make a post yesterday but it was a long day.

Picture 11

I got to 30th st station at about 7:20am and took the train down to Richmond, VA. I kept myself busy on the train reading the rest of the Thrive Diet, sleeping, and listing to some podcast Lauren put on my ipod entitled "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! "

I figured out I was going to take this trip a few days before but for some reason I went pretty unprepared. I didn't eat before I left and I didn't bring much to eat the rest of the way... I also didn't bring any maps but figured worst case I could call Lauren. I took rt-301 home instead of I-95 for a scenic drive (sorry about the cell phone picture.)


I ended up getting back Sunday night with my new car around dinner time, ate and called it a night. Got home today and shot a few pictures for those that are interested. She'll be occasionally driven, but most days I will be on the bike. I have a lot planned but not sure what direction the car will be heading in yet.


year 2002.


And luckily it's Kitta Maire approved.