Monday, June 22, 2009

hanging out

i'd hate to jinx it since it's not official yet (we still need to actually sign the lease), but we got the apartment! i am so excited that we finally found the perfect place.

until we move in, though, we are staying at a hotel. definitely pros & cons. pros: we were able to go grocery shopping, we were able to finally unpack our bags, & it has a gym! i've missed working out regularly. the only con is the hotel is out of the city & eric is using my car, which means i am stuck at the hotel all day.

i thought i would like being unemployed & hanging out, but when you are stranded in a hotel, it actually sucks, & i wish i was working. i'm sure once we move into the apartment i'll be fine & once i have a job i'll miss doing nothing, but right now i am bored!

we've really just been hanging out with friend's, eating amazing food & complaining about the rain.

i know that when i need gas, the only place i will go is rock n' roll exxon.

right down the street you can buy live poultry and have instant slaughter! (eww)

i've been missing my cats like crazy, but these kitties have kept me happy until kitta & grissom arrive.

and i'm loving the bike lanes. & the flat streets. we haven't been able to ride as much as we'd like because of the rain, but i'm still excited to be in a bike-friendly city!


rachel said...

when i read these i want to post something about your blog but all i can think about is how i miss you and i can't wait to come see you. i feel emotional about your move, and i don't know why. i think it's because it's so so so so far.
but i am so happy for you.
i'll stop with my sappy silly post.

can't wait to see your new place!!!

lauren said...

ah rachel that makes me so sad! i miss you so much. hopefully the blog makes you feel a little close to me. hurry up and come visit!