Monday, June 29, 2009

bits of the weekend

eric and i started the weekend off with dinner at good dog. we've been eating really well since we got here, but i can't wait to start cooking again.

falafel for lunch on saturday

we spent most of saturday at this bike thing at moore.

this building is near eric's friends, and it's so cool looking! i googled it, and it used to be the lorraine apartments/the divine lorraine hotel. it was the first hotel in philadelphia to be racially inegrated. supposedly it's going to be turned into condos, but construction is halted at the moment.

sunday, during the day, eric, juli, adam and i went to eastern state penitentiary. i took a lot of photos there, so i am going to make a separate post.


Anonymous said...

That is funny cause I saw that building too when I was there and was like dang I wants to live there. In those exact words.