Sunday, June 14, 2009

we made it!

we made it to philly!
the drive up yesterday wasn't bad at all. we hit some traffic, but nothing wild.

you can barely see the sign, but this was crossing into virginia.

were we found a wawa. which was really exciting for eric.

once he ate his wawa hoagie he was a much happier driver.

then we made it to maryland. when we were crossing over the bridge i was able to see the capitol. and i finally got to see baltimore.

tunnel in baltimore.

we went through delaware too, but we were stopped in traffic, and all the way over, so i didn't get a picture of the sign. and shortly after we made it to pennsylvania!

our drive in to philly was not very exciting. it was raining really hard.

but we are here! it hasn't set in that we aren't leaving. probably because we are sleeping on an air mattress at a friend's right now. we are going to look at apartments in a little bit, and have a few more to look at over the next few days.


Pam said...

wow they have trees there-a nonoccurrence here-should be 100 the next few days-bet youare notmissing that