Thursday, June 4, 2009

trip to lubbock

the drive to lubbock is incredibly boring, but i think i'll end up missing it.

my parent's backyard, especially during the summer, is one of my favorite things. it's always so pretty with all of the plants and flowers.
my mom started a square foot garden this summer. i am so sad i won't be around for the fresh produce.

i HOPE i can find topo chico in philly. i live on this stuff. it's replaced my evening beer.

video, with windmills!, and the get up kids playing.

i tried to take a video of bueller playing, but baxter just kept getting in the way. and yes! abba is playing in the background, hah.


Pam said...

What a fun fun trip-there is so much to see. Well, you are in your new hometowm-Texas is still missing you, though. Ya think you might want some of those cowgirl boots and a hat just to pretend you are a cowgirl.