Wednesday, June 17, 2009

eric's transformation

eric had to go to work today to fill out some paperwork, so he had to clean up a bit.

this is what we started with...
mid shave

he played around with a goatee

then it went to a mustache

after the shave, i gave him a haircut, and this is the final product! all ready for work.


Anonymous said...

wow, i dont think that anyone would believe that you are half italian and russian based on that last picture

Pam said...

cute cute

Beth Haidacher said...

Eric looks great. Burl was asked to grow a beard when he started working as an optometrist in Odessa. He was told he looked older that way. Eric looks great both ways. Some people asked him if he was Jewish. His partner in his optometric practice.
Have a great time when your mom comes.