Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA Week 1

We have been really excited the last few weeks for the arrival of our first week of produce from our local CSA, Lancaster Farm Fresh. We had been putting off signing up for a bit, mostly because I'm a procrastinator, but Lauren eventually pulled the trigger and we got a half share. We get to pick it up just a few blocks from our house at Almanac Market, a small market that has amazing local produce, random gourmet items, fresh made soups/salads, random raw cheeses, local vegan cookies, and even sometimes Vrapple (even though I think I bought the last of it there). This week it included:

1 bunch radishes – certified organic – Maple Lawn Organics


1 bunch scallions – certified organic – Windy Hollow and Plum Hill Organics


1 bunch green kale – certified organic – Life Enhancing Acres

2 small heads green leaf lettuce – certified organic – Back 40 Ranch


1 head flashy Troutsback Romaine lettuce – certified organic – Riverview Organics

csa share

3 portabello mushrooms – certified organic – Mother Earth Organics


We have a whole lot of lettuce… which is great and is helping me with my goal to eat a more raw diet. My plan is to highlight what we receive each week and some of the recipes/meals that come out of this local produce. Hopefully this will help Lauren and I prepare some new meals and try some new foods.

First on the list is mushrooms. We don’t eat them too frequently, but I am glad that now we need to find a good use for them. Maybe marinate and grill one or two? Thin slice and fry the other? Not sure but hopefully figure something good out soon.

So with all this local produce we made a feast last night. I made three kale wraps, then two more flashy Troutsback Romaine and Lauren made a giant salad with potatoes and focaccia on the side. We have also started growing sprouts which were ready last night to get into. It feels quite good having so much fresh produce around. I'm really excited!

salad for dinner


Anonymous said...

This is amazing- I really want to sign up for a CSA-- was it very expensive?

Lauren said...

It isn't too bad. We went with a half share instead of the full, and it breaks down to about $17/week. I just did a quick add up if all the veggies we got and what they cost at whole foods and the CSA is cheaper.

scargosun said...

Are you doing a full share or half share? I am doing a half. I made the kale the night I got it is was soooo good! I still need to wash the romaine and other greens. I was planning on using the scallions with some salmon on Friday but I got 2 bunches so I'll have to find something else too.

Eric said...

I'm loving it so far. It is cheaper, its all local/organic (thus far), plus you dont need to wait in line at the store :)

We went with the half share since we weren't sure how much you would get. So far it seems about right. I finished up some of the other kale we had and hopefully move on to the CSA kale in the next day or so. Hope you got the radishes as well bc they were delish!

Melissa Cari @ Miles for Markets said...

Hey Lauren! I just saw you stopped by my blog. I'm not sure if people are getting my replies to comments yet, so I figured I'd come here to leave you one :) I'm happy to hear you're running the half this weekend! We'll all have to coordinate somehow so maybe we can all start together.

Oh and your blog is gorgeous...I love the photos! Not sure how I didn't add this to my Google Reader after the meet up.

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Looks great. CSA's are always so exciting!

Katie said...

Good for you for joining a CSA! I missed the boat this year AND last year... but I'd love to try and work for one this year.

Andy Dufresne said...

I'm really jealous! We signed up for a full share from Lancaster Farm Fresh several months ago and since we moved to Oregon a week and a half ago we had to cancel our share! We were REALLY excited about it too!

Enjoy! The produce looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Where can you pick up your farm share? I live in southern NJ and am finding a farm share/CSA difficult in the Garden State... THANKS!

Eric said...

We pick ours up in the city. You could take a look through here ( see if any of theses CSA's are close to you.