Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bits of the weekend

i don't have many photos from the weekend, but it was a fun one. eric took a half day on friday, which was really nice. he wanted to go to lunch, but wouldn't tell me where. we rode our bikes downtown and he surprised me by going to mi lah. mi lah's an all vegan restaurant we had both been wanting to try.

mi lah

the food was really good, and i really want to go back for their all you can eat brunch. after lunch we stopped by lush and h&m, where i successfully bought nothing, and eric successfully bought a pair of pants.

for dinner friday night we decided to make curly fries!

curly fry

check out how long this one was all straightened out.

curly fry

i really can't remember much else from the weekend, but the cats were definitely being cute.

griss griss

and i finally bought the babycakes cookbook and can't wait to start making stuff out of it.