Wednesday, August 12, 2009

bits of the weekend

i know it's already wednesday, but i completely forgot to post photos from our weekend!
as usual we went out to dinner friday night. we went to honey's sit 'n' eat, which i had been to with my mom and brother, but eric hadn't been there.

date night

later on in the night we went to hang out on the art museum steps. it was fun till the cops made us leave.

downtown philly

saturday morning eric found some bikes on craigslist he wanted to check out. we've wanted to get some cruiser bikes to use for the grocery store and for other people to use when they come visit. and we found some! and got a good deal! and now we have about 9 bikes. and no where to put any of them!

new/old bikes

saturday night we decided to copy chase and jackie and have our first attempt at grilling pizzas.

grilling pizza

they turned out well, we just had gigantic ones.

grilled pizza

also attempted a calzone which turned out quite nicely. i'd love to make a bunch of these and just reheat them during the week for lunches.

calzone thing

and no photos from sunday because we didn't even leave the apartment.


Anonymous said...

Yes, your blogger nation was wondering why no photos? Thanks for posting!

Lana said...

I love how you always tell us what y'all ate/cooked! Your mom would be must have learned your cheffing (if that's a word) from your mom! she is such a great cook!