Monday, August 3, 2009

bits of the weekend

even though everyday is kind of like a weekend for me, i still really look forward to the weekends. i guess because eric is around more then.

we usually go out to dinner on friday nights. mainly because we start to run out of food by the end of the week. we've been trying new places, and this week we went to sketch, a hamburger place. the food was good, but kind of pricey.

there were some pretty crazy storms on friday, but after they let up the sky was pretty.
after the storm

saturday we decided to check out the asian market that is a few blocks from our apartment. the place was like a super store!
asian market

it was really hot on saturday, so we made up a new cocktail, watermelon, vodka and lime juice. i like to think it's slightly healthy since you are using fresh watermelon.
summertime drinks

sunday morning we woke up with every intention of going to the farmer's market. this is what happened on our way there.
farmer's market

but the weather let up later on in the day, and i met up with some lubbock people. on the right is javier, on the left is jonathon. i went to high school with both of them. javier lives outside of philly, and jonathon was visiting from california, where he goes to school at, duh, stanford.
javier and jonathon

we did some touristy stuff, and this was the first time i have actually gone inside to see the liberty bell. usually the line is long, so i just look at it through the window.
liberty bell

later on we headed to the piazza/liberties walk, in our neighborhood and had dinner at el camino real.
liberties walk

after dinner we stopped by the foodery, which is this amazing beer place. they have all sorts of kinds of beer and you can build your own 6-pack.

and i leave you with this video of grissom, eating my chips.