Monday, August 17, 2009

bits of the weekend

i'd say we started the weekend off right because we went shopping. actually we just stopped in one store on our way back from UPS, but we did find some clothes.
eric ended up getting a jacket and a shirt, i got a cardigan. one day eric will be dressing like chuck day.


and then andy carr came over! and we went to el camino real because eric told us it was happy hour, except it wasn't.

andy carr

we spent almost all day saturday out in the suburbs of philly. we went to king of prussia mall because i wanted to try on these pants from j. crew that looked really cute. they weren't. shopping fail.

eric had found a raw foods restaurant nearby, so we stopped by there for lunch. it was really good, even though i just got a salad, which is usually raw already. definitely making a trip out there again, hopefully soon.

raw food lunch

eric got a sandwich made out of raw bread.

raw food lunch

we then stopped for some beer. um pennsylvania has crazy alcohol laws. like crazy crazy. i still get confused by it. if you want, you can read about it here.

buying beer

eric and i spent the rest of the day hanging out with his car friends. and i listened to them talk about cars for hours, and hours.

on sunday we went to whole foods and made foods. decided to try two new things for dinner. eric made baked eggplant. it was good. i've tried eggplant a few times and never really liked it, but this time it turned out alright.

slicing eggplant

baked eggplant

and i decided to make kale chips. they turned out excellent.

kale chips

and this is sort of backtracking, but last week i made red velvet cake. the icing turned out disgusting, but the cake was good. eric actually said it was my best dessert yet. but i've got something special planned for this week because eric's birthday is thursday!

after math of a red velvet cake