Monday, January 25, 2010

photos from the weekend

this past weekend was our first weekend in over a month that we didn't have any plans. so we filled it with laziness and cooking.

eric got me a dehydrator for christmas, so we planned on putting it to use over the weekend. i had seen eggplant bacon on a lot of blogs and really wanted to make it.
cutting eggplant

i don't have a mandolin so slicing all the eggplant was sort of a pain.

marinated eggplant

then i let it marinated for about 2 hours.

eggplant "bacon"

i'm happy to report that it turned out well, not exactly bacon-esque, but still good.

we also dehydrator some tofu and i made onion bread, which turned out way too onion-y.
prepping tofu

onion bread

the weather was really nice saturday and the cats sunbathed all day.
kitta marie


both cats

eric rode his bike while i went running.

we ended up going out to dinner at a local vegan chinese restaurant with some of eric's car/bike friends. no photos, but i am embarrassed by the amount of food we ate.

i've been itching to bake lately, but we still have a ton of leftover desserts from vegan treats. i settled on biscuits. i made the whole wheat one's from alicia silverstone's new book the kind life, but i am sad to say they weren't that great.
making biscuits

we watched way too many episodes of dexter all day (we just started watching and are obsessed!) then decided on pizza for dinner.
eric got started on marinara, which he plans to use for lasagna later.
pizza night

pizza night

and he also prepped the pizza dough.
pizza night

we usually make two separate, large pizzas, for us to eat throughout the week.
pizza night

i made my pizza with potatoes, squash and kale.
pizza night

and eric went with a classic, his marinara, vegan cheese and basil.
pizza night

and then we watched more dexter.


The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

I have the kind diet too; and while I do like the "book" portion; the recipes seem over simplified and i guess that's the point; but most of the things i've made in her book require tweaking because my tastes are not as simple as Alicia's are.

your pizza dough looks really great.
dexter is such a great show! let me know when you finish the most recent season so we can discuss!!

Anonymous said...

Wow . . . love seeing those mad pizza tossing skills and you outfitted with a bike helmet!