Monday, January 11, 2010

photos from the weekend

well the big news of the weekend is my brother and jackie came to visit!
jackie and chase
they arrived thursday afternoon, but i was at work and had to work all day friday, so saturday was the first chance we got to hang out.


saturday was spent walking all over philadelphia. we tried to shop, but the only place we bought things was lush.


jackie and chase
of course we stopped along the way to do tourist things, like look at the liberty bell through a window.

lunch at good dog
we walked from one side of philly to the other, and stopped at good dog for lunch.

lunch at good dog

lunch at good dog
the best thing about eating with them? well chase is the odd man out! we (jackie, eric and i) are all vegan. i figure chase can suffer since we have all been to our fair share of bbq places.

it's ok though. luckily philly has a lot of restaurants with a great mix of dining options.

after lunch we walked some more.

jackie has a way more awesome photo of this and hopefully i can snag it soon.

sunday morning jackie and chase took the bus up to nyc. i wish i could have gone, but i had a lot of household things i needed to complete.
making pancakes
made pancakes for breakfast. i am determined to get a good pancake recipe down.

heart pancakes
and i was really corny and made eric heart shaped pancakes!

salt & pepper shakers!
check out these awesome salt and pepper shakes i got for christmas!

the rest of the day was pretty uneventful. cleaned, went to the gym, went grocery shopping.
for christmas eric got me a dehydrator and we are planning on using it for the first time this week! hopefully we will have some awesome food.