Sunday, January 24, 2010

A little of this, a little of that.

These photos didn't turn out too well but it was a special night, so I decided to post them anyways. Last Sunday was Laurens birthday and we went out to Govinda's Gourmet Vegetarian. The majority of the food is vegan, but there are a few entrees that contain dairy. We had been a few times before but only to the to-go portion, not the fine dinning. Like many restaurants in Philadelphia it is BYOB, so we stopped and picked up two nice bottles of beer to try. The first was Rejewvenator made by He'brew, a half dopplebock, half belgian style dubbel. It was excellent!


The second was Estate made by Sierra Nevada, which is one of the world’s only estate-made beers with naturl ingerdienst all grown on-site at the brewery. We were a fan of both, but I will buy some more Rejewvenator soon.


We enjoy beer and food... maybe too much. The birthday girl!


I've been known to shave..


Lauren had already looked at the menu and had decided we needed to try the Pappadum with a trio of chutneys. It was delish...


Next was our salad course then entrees. The salads are excellent and come with a "Caesar" type of dressing. Lauren picked the vegetable fried rice (her go to meal) and I had no idea. I had my eye on a few thing but asked our waiter what he would recommend, (I tend to do this most of the time when I'm overwhelmed.) I ended up with a Pan-Roasted Duck with Sweet Potato Puree and Peanut Ginger Sauce. I have no idea what duck taste like but this meal was excellent and way too large to finish.


Yesterday was finally nice out and I was able to get some work done. 1st on my agenda was changing Laurens oil and replacing her air filter. I pulled a few pieces of wood, drove her car onto them, to make my homemade lift, and went to work.


As usual I don't ever had the right tools but I have learned to adapt and use what I have. My tool, random bicycle stem tightened down on a pedal strap. Attach strap around filter,rotate stem counter-clockwise, and your ready to replace that filter. I have always taken for granted having a garage and more importantly two extras hand that would help me with any car project I have ever thought of. I do miss that (the later of the two.)



The Kuntrageous Vegan said...

it looks (and sounds) like you both had a good time for Lauren's birthday! I'm glad you're enjoying good beer..I miss beer. I'm allergic to hops.